Sofia to star at BSI

Sofia Amirova, the owner of Amirova Cosmetic Clinic in Sydney, will be sharing her secrets to selling beauty services with “integrity” at next week’s  BEAUTY & SPA Insiders summit.

Sofia, who opened her “medically advanced, results driven” clinic just two years ago, has already attracted a loyal clientele largely due to her “authentic approach to beauty and ageing”.

A registered nurse with a rich background in post-surgical health and restorative medicine, Sofia advocates “ageing gracefully without allowing your inner or outer beauty to fade”.

In the lead up to her appearance at BEAUTY & SPA Insiders, we asked Sofia a few questions to get to know her better – and gain a little insight into the secrets to her success .

What is your background in the beauty industry?
“I came to Australia at the age of 16, barely speaking any English. I knew how blessed and fortunate I was being in this country and didn’t want to let any opportunity slip through my fingers. I was uncertain about a lot of things when moving here but one thing I knew I wanted more than ever was an education. I began my journey of education by learning English, then moved to international business and pathology testing before eventually getting accepted into University to study nursing. I completed my nursing degree in the Gold Coast and then moved to Brisbane, Coorparoo Hospital for my post graduate studies specialising in orthopaedics. I ended up completed my post graduate year at North Shore Hospital in Sydney, where I met a nurse who recommended me to go for an interview for one of the ‘chain’ beauty clinics who were looking for a registered nurse. Although I worked for my registered nurse degree, I found myself working for $20 an hour doing Brazilian and underarm waxes, smelling burnt hair and realising that this was not the dream that my five-year-old self wanted for me.”

When/why did you decide to launch your own clinic?
“Moving from Sydney to Perth and helping a friend set up a cosmetic clinic, I learned to get an insight into business. Watching her turning her dreams into a reality just made me realise that it could be done and there’s never a better moment than the present so it was time that I did what I came here to do. I said to myself it’s never going to be a perfect time so now is the time to open my very own business. Little did I know what was waiting for me ahead. I moved back to Sydney and started my journey with contracting from one clinic to another gathering knowledge, experience and insight about the industry.”

 What have been the biggest highlights in your beauty career so far?
“Working with such an amazing women in the industry is really inspiring! Empowered women empower women and I do advocate to push our professional aspirations. There is no shortage of successful, brave, amazing women we can look to and learn from in the beauty and aesthetic industry.”

What are your plans for your salon’s future/your career?
“When I started Amirova Cosmetic Clinic, it was through a process of navigating my own career and analysing where there were needs in the beauty and anti-ageing industry. Many women wonder how I navigate life requirements while running a company. There’s no rule book, which is what I try to inspire in my team. Growing Amirova Cosmetic Clinic, thinking bigger and beyond the three and five-year horizons of growth, I actively sought out like-minded women with whom I could build relationships. The concept of women helping other women isn’t new, of course; however, we’re just now beginning to see how powerful females in the beauty industry are when they unite and support one another. I have always embraced education, sought advice from fellow professionals, made personal investments in my physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. I have a personal mantra to always remember to be kind to myself. My personal and business philosophy is to keep your mind and body in balance in order to stay healthy and lead others. In this crazy thing called life, women tend to neglect themselves while taking care of others.”

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