Skinstitut Australia’s recent Skincare & Lifestyle Survey found that women see past marketing claims when it comes to skincare products.

Shoppers are becoming more savvy and price-conscious

The Skinstitut Australia Skincare & Lifestyle Survey is an online survey with more than 1000 Australian women that examines attitudes and key behaviours in relation to skincare amongst women between the ages of 18-65.

Key findings:

  • Australian women recognise that expensive does not always guarantee results with 63% over the last two years buying less expensive products because they believe it is just as effective as expensive products. 82% of women say they do not believe skincare marketing claims.
  • The reason for a product purchase is evenly distributed: 33% say recommendation, 32% say price and 29% say brand.
  • Only 2% of women are influenced by celebrity endorsements.
  • Skincare is still an important daily ritual with 75% employing a daily skincare routine, but due to the demands of a fast-paced modern life, 48% spend less than 5 minutes a day on skincare and 42% spend less than 10 minutes.
  • 69% feel they are using the right products for their skin, 59% believe they know what works for their skin and only 10% have sought professional advice.
  • Financial considerations influence skincare purchases, 69% said they spend less than $50 a month on products and services. 53% now buy from supermarkets and pharmacies.
  • Australian women prefer a DIY approach when it comes to skincare with 64% admitting that they never go for professional skincare treatments.
  • Hydration is the most popular concern with 37%. 23% say clear skin is their main concern and a surprising 19% say looking younger is their main concern.
  • The most popular product is moisturiser (63%), then cleanser (19%) and anti-ageing products (9%).
  • The influence of the internet has been paramount with 50% of women aware that skincare is cheaper overseas – influencing where they go to purchase their products. 16% are turning to cheaper products domestically and purchasing more products online (mainly 24-34 year olds).
  • Women are more health conscious and preferring lifestyle changes to invasive treatments, over 64% indicated that they would not undergo any cosmetic procedures. Instead, they prefer lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise as the key to youthful skin (68%).

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