Thalgo has undergone something of a renaissance in the last few years with a repositioning in the market and a realignment to its core brand values. Anita Quade caught up with the Thalgo Australia team to talk about what’s new.

Thalgo has stood the test of time in the Australian market – tell us how?

“We bleed Thalgo aqua-blue in Australia and so do our loyal clients who have stood by us over the many years. We’re really privileged to share these partnerships and like all women through different life stages, we’ve had our ups and downs. Thalgo is now 55, and it’s an empowering, refreshing time as we reveal a brand new face.”

A new look, that sounds exciting. What’s happening?

“A completely new look for Thalgo – logo, visuals, packaging and new products. We’re still retaining all our heritage hallmarks and identity. It’s about feeling in tune with who we are, and knowing ourselves as a brand. We’re confident but haven’t lost our pioneering spirit and we’re ready for our next stage with a complete rebranding and the first of three major innovations over the next 18 months – new Peeling Marin.”

Thalgo has a fascinating history, where did it all start?

“The story is steeped in years of history, but the inspiration starts in 1865 when the word thalassotherapy was first recognised. One hundred years later in 1964, a Doctor of Pharmacy – André Bouclet – created Thalgo. The name Thalgo is a combination of the words ‘thalasso’ and ‘algae’, so they literally make up the DNA of Thalgo. Bouclet’s quest to harness the power of the ocean has been at the heart of Thalgo ever since.”

What role does transdermal mineral absorption play in the Thalgo philosophy?

“Thalassotherapy centres are huge in Europe and the first one opened in 1899. The concept inspired a 1976 study that proved the efficacy of the transdermal application of marine ions and their penetration of the skin barrier in 15 minutes.  The assimilation of these ions at a deep, cellular level and their biosimilarity to human tissue has, and always will be, the fundamental philosophy of Thalgo product formulations and treatment experiences.”

When did the patented Micronised Marine Algae MMA come into the picture?

“Bouclet was commissioned by the medical community to research into rheumatic, circulatory and advanced skin disorders and he found a willing and abundant subject in algae. And so Micronised Marine Algae (MMA) was born and received a medical patent in 1966. Our famed Plasmalg is the only product still remaining of the original format which included a toothpaste (long since discontinued) and dietary supplement. The ethos of inside-out wellness was ahead of it’s time back then, and it continues today with some really exciting launches coming in 2019, 2020 and 2021.”

And there is a new generation of MMA through bio-fermentation. What’s the difference?

“The R&D and biotechnical teams at Thalgo have been working for some time on a new development of MMA which undergoes a bio-fermentation process. This releases high concentrations of Lactic Acid, marine micronutrients and protective polyphenols. This is combined with Glycolic and Gluconic Acid and is applied to the skin, for an effective yet non-invasive peel. Importantly the fermentation process does not use any chemical solvents – a real point of difference for Thalgo.”

Bio-fermented MMA is the hero in the new range, Peeling Marin. Tells us more about it.

“Yes, Peelin Marin is another first for Thalgo as it’s the first marine cosmeceutical and the bio-fermented algae is such a unique process. There are three grades of treatments which are designed as a progressive plan to build up to the application of a 45% combined acid concentration.”

What have been the results so far?

“Clinical studies were conducted under dermatological supervision across three separate statistically significant groups, divided according to age and severity of skin conditions. Instrumental evaluations using silicone imprints show a -10.2 reading on wrinkle depth, and self-perception efficacy evaluations showed 96% of participants demonstrating a “new skin” effect.”

When will the range be available and what training will Thalgo be doing?

“Peeling Marin is available for pre-launch in Australia from 1st September and we’re really excited to be hosting the Thalgo Global Education Team in Australia and New Zealand in late October for a series of training courses in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland.”

What’s next in the NPD pipeline?

“There are some very exciting innovations coming in 2020 and beyond. A new detoxifying range combining an algae complex and mineral salts, and a very innovative anti-ageing range designed to treat visible signs of ageing by harnessing the unique combination of two powerhouse ingredients with new marine sources. Stay tuned for more.”

Lastly, who is the behind the Thalgo brand and where can you experience Thalgo around the world?

“Thalgo is a privately owned company by the Sirop family with a long-standing partnership in Australia and is distributed exclusively by BLC Cosmetics.  If you’re in London soon, Beyond Medispa at Harvey Nichols in London has just launched with Thalgo, and the Thalgo heart beats around the world at some amazing destination properties including Villa Thalgo in Paris and hotels like Sofitel, Park Hyatt, The Westin and Sheraton. At home here in Australia we have our very own Villa Thalgo as well as great partnerships with Stephanies Luxury Spas, Ballarat’s Sanctuary and Chateau Elan.”

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