Thalgo: 50 Years of Science and Sustainability

For over 50 years Thalgo has been renowned for biological marine research and innovation. Anita Quade spoke to Thalgo for our November-December issue – discussing the launch of their new Source Marine range, and their commitments, beyond the jar to making a meaningful difference to both skin and sea.


Inspired by the regenerative power of the sea, visionary pharmacist, André Bouclet, established Thalgo in 1964 as the world’s first laboratory specialising in skin care products to utilise the bioavailable benefits of algae and marine extracts. Derived from a combination of “Thalassotherapy” and “Algae”, Thalgo’s formulations were initially intended for the medical world and thalassotherapy centres.

In 1966, Bouclet developed a unique algae micronisation process that ruptured the algae’s delicate cell wall whilst preserving the potency and integrity of its contents. This new method allowed Bouclet to capture and utilise the highly active marine ingredients without degrading them.

Bouclet filed a medical patent for the combination of three micronised algae that he chose for their wealth of bioactive and bioavailable ingredients. This “MMA” contained 9 marine minerals and 5 marine micronutrients that were easily assimilated by the skin and subsequently prescribed to deliver therapeutic benefits for skin, rheumatic and circulatory disorders.

Thalgo Source Marine range


While there are five main zones in the world that are known to be rich in marine algae—Japan, South Australia, South Africa, Atlantic Europe and Indo-Australia and Thalgo has remained dedicated to its mission to explore the entire world for water rich in trace elements.

Extending the search beyond French coastlines, Thalgo seek to find the world’s richest sources of marine biodiversity. By doing so, they are able to extract the most concentrated and potent marine actives that deliver incomparable biological benefits for the skin’s cells.

When sourcing, their approach is both respectful and sustainable as the algae are harvested in wild and protected areas according to best practices. By prioritising “green” extraction methods and ensuring Thalgo are able to guarantee respect for their reproduction period, control of the harvest area, preserve and protect natural resources and assure the high quality and safety of each extraction.


Sève Bleue des Océans is source of highly concentrated complex to treat dehydration. Drawn at a depth of 22 metres from an underground pool at the heart of the Pink Granite Coast in Brittany, it becomes naturally charged in minerals essential for skin as it runs through underwater geological layers. Obtained using sustainable filtration methods, it is 12 times more concentrated in marine Manganese, 14 times more concentrated in Silicon and 8 times more concentrated in Zinc than ocean water. These essential marine minerals can be directly assimilated by skin and gives it high hydrating power.

The science of marine life


Water, the main component in skin (70%), is essential for its proper structure, balance, renewal and key functions including elasticity and barrier function.

External aggressors (wind, cold, UV, smoking, alcohol, etc.) along with ageing and hormone imbalances can cause skin’s water reserves to deplete, and when skin is thirsty, it becomes dull, uncomfortable and may present dehydration lines.

New Source Marine from Thalgo features Sève Bleue des Océans and Micronised Marine Algae Filtrate together with other advanced algae to correct the three causes of lack of water in skin: strengthening the hydrolipidic barrier, restoring the dermal water reserves and optimising water exchange between the dermis and epidermis.


A new professional treatment concentrated on remineralising active ingredients that instantly hydrate and visibly strengthen thirsty skin in 60 minutes. 

An exceptional massage technique with the professional-only Oligo-Marine Massage Cream includes smoothing, relaxing and stretching movements for total relaxation and optimal skin cell receptivity. Using a sequence of moves inspired by the sea with aquatic strokes, swirls with fingers and palms, ocean rolls and aquatic decompression, the therapist is the key to activating the tissue metabolism to boost cutaneous vascular irrigation and inundate the skin cells with water and marine micronutrients.

The star of the treatment is the professional-only Oligo-Marine Mask, an easy-to-use, but highly effective and sensorial preparation of Alginates and Micronised Marine Algae. Containing the highest concentration of marine actives, it infuses the skin with water and essential micronutrients. 


Thalgo’s commitment to innovation, excellence and efficacy extends beyond products and ingredients to create a new paradigm within the beauty industry: safety, responsibility and sustainability. Committed to delivering formulas that are increasingly more natural, we are also dedicated to protecting the environment, and particularly the sea, for future generations.

In doing so, Thalgo has pledged 5 commitments which to guide every aspect of the brand evolution:

·         Commitment #1: Clean Ocean with partnerships like The SeaCleaners to make a difference.

·         Commitment #2: Green Pack for sustainably designed, sourced and produced packaging.

·         Commitment #3: Clean Beauty reformulating to deliver a minimum 90% natural origin ingredients, vegan products.

. Commitment #4: Green Factory our ECOCERT pharmaceutical laboratory recycles water, carb, plastic and wood as well as uses natural cleaning products.

. Commitment #5: Eco Gestures we encourage our teams, salons and therapists to contribute to ocean clean-ups and reduce human impact by reducing printing, electric consumption and single-use items.

Thalgo Ampoules

About the Sea Cleaners X Thalgo

The ocean releases more oxygen into the atmosphere than all the forests in the world but the ecosystem is asphyxiated by aquatic pollution of which 80% comes from land. Every year, over 8 million tons of plastic is discharged into the ocean there is one item of plastic waste in the ocean for every five fish.


By joining forces with The SeaCleaners NGO, Thalgo is accelerating its commitment to protect and preserve the ocean. Set up by yachtsman, Yvan Bourgnon, The SeaCleaners is an association dedicated to fighting for a pollution-free ocean. In addition to coastal clean-ups, waste reduction and public awareness campaigns, The SeaCleaner’s emblematic Manta project provides an innovative, effective and tangible solution to combating sea pollution.

The Manta is a sea giant, a vessel that has been specifically designed to collect, treat and repurpose sea pollution, revolutionising what can be achieved in this realm. Planned to launch in 2024, the Manta will also have two multipurpose boats – Mobula – that will be built into the back of the Manta to supplement its collection capacity. They will enable macro waste, micro waste and hydrocarbon to be collected in narrower, shallower and more difficult to access spaces where manoeuvrability is limited.

As a committed yachtsman himself, Bernard Sirop – Thalgo’s Managing Director – shares Bourgnon’s dedication to protecting the sea and the pair’s shared values naturally galvanised their meeting into a partnership. Find out more at

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