Elleebana Excellence Award Winners Announced

Elleebana held their first-ever award, The Elleebana Excellence Awards, last Friday. The awards celebrated leaders, distributors and educators across the globe and celebrated outstanding achievements in a challenging year. Otto Miller, Director of Elleebana told the attendees: “The words of encouragement, support and advice that have driven us in our times of need, together with our personal grit and determination see us looking down the barrel of our most successful year, despite all of our challenges.”

The team said of the awards:

“Here at Elleebana, we have an incredible community that we are extremely grateful for and we want to give back and acknowledge all of their efforts.”

“We have something very exciting that has come to life to recognise and celebrate our Elleebana Distributors and our wonderful Elleebana Educators that offer our official training and certification program.”

The Elleebana Excellence Awards is about honouring all our distributors and educators based on their exceptional performance throughout the judging period as well as the criteria and evidence that was submitted in their award applications. To say we have been blown away by this exceptional group of humans is an understatement! There is so much #elleemagic in the air with this event.”

“We have all faced some challenges over the last year or two, but under pressure diamonds are made.”

Elleebana owner Otto Mitter interview

Excellence Awards categories and winners:

Elleebana Excellence Culture Awards: “We asked that each nominee provide evidence that you work to cultivate curiosity and encourage new ideas for customers or students. we asked that you provide examples of where you passionately encourage your team, your students or your customers to take on opportunities and contribute to be their best.”

Winner: Kelly Rhode, Panoply Pro

Elleebana Excellence Humanitarian Award: The Elleebana team said: “This category was about recognising others who also choose to give back to the industry through perhaps the good deeds you do for the lash and brow community or the environmental care you provide with recycled packaging or shipping options.” “Each nominee provides information in relation to your good deeds, evidence for your efforts and what it is that inspires these efforts.”

Winner: Rhonda Carter, Elleebana Canada

Inspirational Artist Award: This category required attendees to explain what they loved about their craft, and what inspired them to become the artists they are today.

Winner: Hara Niatsika

Elleebana Excellence Mentorship Award: This award required applicants to explain the ways in which they nurtured their networks, offered advice and the avenues and platforms by which they delivered their mentorship.

Winner: Barbara Bekatorou

The Elleebana Excellence Rising Star Awards: Educators who have entered or won competitions using Eleebana products

Winner: Elizabeth Nelson

Elleebana Video and Media Award: This category focused on visually stimulating or educationally inspiring video content

Winner: Ksenia Podkhvatilovskaya, Elleebana Russia

Elleebana Excellence Award for Best Promotor: This award focused on successful promotion of business and brand

Winner: Rafal Siruga, Elleebana Polska

Elleebana Excellence Awards Distributors of the Year: Demonstrate active promotion across a variety of platforms along with business growth

Distributor of the Year Americas (Nth, Central, South, Latin):

Winner: Elleebana Direct, USA

Distributor of the Year (EU,UK,Africa, Middle East):

Winner: Elleebana Spain

Distributor of the Year Oceania/Australasia:

Winner: Salon First, Australia

Educator of the Year, Americas (Nth, Central, South and Latin):

Winner: Alex Bown, USA

Educator of the Year ( EU, UK, Africa and Middle East):

Winner: Kelly Fitzmaurice, United Kingdom

Educator of the Year, Oceania Australasia:

Winner: Dorothy Lam, Hong Kong


Ellee-Essence Award: This award was given to educators who had shown growth, encapsulating the essence of the Elleebana way and culture.


Amy Carnelley, Lucie Kadlecova, Gina Martinez, Paige Thompson

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