Stefanie Milla: A Case for Simple, Multifunctional Products

When it comes to skincare solutions, quality beats quantity every time for Dermalist Founder and CEO, Stefanie Milla. The Australian brand, which upholds years of extensive research backing its highly active formulations, preaches in favour of a small line of multifunctional products above larger product ranges involving a multi-step routine. Stefanie, who also heads up The Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) explains to Hannah Gay the advantages to this modern time and budget-sensitive approach.

“Every product in the [Dermalist] range must be fast-acting, multifunctional and address the underlying causality of the skin concern, holistic skin health, along with treating the visible symptoms. Multifunctionality is a relatively new concept in skincare and something I believe should be the future of all formulations. While addressing holistic skin health and multiple skin concerns simultaneously can be challenging, skincare science has advanced significantly over the years and with research, the correct design, and intelligent formulations, it is now achievable.

Monotherapy is a concept that has been superseded in clinical treatment for quite some time. We know that to achieve the best clinical results, combination therapies are far superior. The same theory applies in skincare science. For example, studies show that when certain vitamins are used in concert with each other at the correct (and at times lower) clinical dosages using a multitherapy combined approach, they are significantly more effective than when used singularly via high-dose monotherapy. In fact, when used on their own and in high doses, certain vitamins can have a pro-oxidative effect.

Australian cosmeceutical skincare company Dermalist launches new product Age Defying Multicomplex today
Dermalist Age Defying Multicomplex

The reason Dermalist products treat a broad range of skin types and concerns is because they target the underlying common causative factor in every skin concern: chronic uncontrolled inflammation. By targeting underlying chronic inflammation in the skin, Dermalist products work on the cause of the skin concern, rather than just focusing on the symptoms. Treating skin dysfunction is what Dermalist products focus on – rebuilding and reviving skin function, balancing the skin’s microbiome – that is something that all skins have in common; it is a non-skin-type specific way of treating skin health.

The benefit in having condensed ranges in your clinic is that prescribing becomes a far less complex, elaborate process, and less time-consuming to explain to clients. Using the products is also less complicated for the clients; they achieve faster results, so they remain more compliant and happier to use the entire routine. And because the products are so effective and fast-acting, the client is very satisfied, and this builds more trust between them and the therapist. This is why every Dermalist range will be multifunctional and condensed.

Evolution is inevitable if you want to stay current, as skincare science progresses, so should formulations. The key is that you don’t reinvent for invention’s sake. As our products already contain a high amount of active ingredients, all working in symbiosis in a stable base, adding or changing the formulation would involve extensive trialing to ensure a better, more advanced formulation and more effective results.

Ultimately, we are a very agile company. I formulate with one of the most experienced formulation teams in the country, and we are very responsive to client and therapist needs. We are constantly researching and staying at the forefront of innovation.  We do not compromise in any area, and we continually strive to advance; that is our motto.”

This article originally appears in the March-April 2022 issue of Professional Beauty.

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