Soto Skincare Launch

Australia’s newest certified organic skincare range, Soto, has taken out a prestigious WPP international design award before its official Australian launch.

The range consists of eight eco sensitive skin care products comprising Facial Cleanser, Eye Cream, Day Cream, Night Cream, Clarifying Toner and Sensitive Skin Cream as well as Body Soft Moisturizer and All-Over Body Scrub.

“Soto skincare isn’t different simply because it’s new, it’s different by nature,” said founder Francine Clingan. "It doesn’t just embrace the idea of all-natural, organic sustainability, it gives it a massive bear hug.”

Each Soto product contains two key ingredients that have unique complementary skin benefits, such as pomegranate oil and Siberian ginseng; watermelon seed oil and Australian blue clay.

These ingredient pairs are clearly represented on the pack within a coloured square – the award-winning Soto square is a visual representation of the product’s focus on balance and harmony.

Soto loosely translates from Japanese Zen as ‘the journey to pure existence’ and its contemporary packaging and formulas lie at the core of its early success.

“You’ll never hear us claim that Soto can give you skin like a 10-year-old or magically erase wrinkles,” says Clingan. “But Soto will leave you and your skin feeling luscious and indulged, and leave a positive imprint on the environment.”

Soto contains no artificial or synthetic ingredients and every product is non-greasy and fast absorbing – the content as attractive as the packaging suggests.

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