Synergie Minerals launches two new products

Synergie Minerals officially launched a new fragrance and bronzer on Tuesday, 10 November at Parliament House in Sydney.

Ke’alla (Hawaiian for ‘fragrance’), is a pure botanical parfum formulated using traditional perfumery methods, while HealthyGlo is a natural instant bronzing concentrate.

Terri Vinson (pictured with Dr Joseph Hkeik), Australian scientist and formulator of Synergie Minerals and Synergie Skin, said she teamed with one of Australia’s only traditional botanical perfumers, to create the fragrance, a 100 per cent natural botanical parfum containing scent from botanical extracts: pure essential oils of tuberose, jasmine, bergamot, mandarin and ginger, synergistically blended and matured in pure jojoba. The fragrance is available in two varieties: Ke’alla by Day; a light fruity invigorating scent and Ke’alla by Night; a more exotic, sensuous blend of jasmine absolute and pure botanicals.

“Ke’alla is truly a perfume that is good for your skin. Women absorb up to two kilograms of synthetic chemicals into their bodies in one year. I wanted to create a beautiful scent that we can wear every day without the risk of absorbing potentially harmful artificial chemicals,” said Ms Vinson.

HealthyGlo uses a concentrated blend of pure Australian minerals in a natural hydrating base to create a natural tan which blends instantly to all skin tones.

“HealthyGlo is derived from pure botanicals and Australian minerals, so women can now have a healthy tanning alternative without potentially harmful chemicals,” Ms Vinson said.

Guest speakers at the launch included Barbara Perry, MP (Legislative Assembly) and cosmetic physician, Dr Joseph Hkeik, who uses Synergie Minerals in his practice.

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