Repair a Compromised Skin Barrier With This Mask Series

As an industry, it’s easy to get lost in the whirlwind of devices, tricks and treatments available to treat a compromised skin barrier. We’d be forgiven for thinking more was more when it came to skincare, and that practising the 10-step routines set out by our Korean neighbours was the way to go. In recent years, the rhetoric around product use has changed, leaning into the practise of investing in fewer, more efficacious products containing scientifically-backed, active ingredients.

Convenience is also on the minds of consumers, who have returned to work after two years of lockdowns. We’re spending more time traveling to and from the office, exposing our skins to pollution and other airborne nasties. We’re facing the winter chill head on, fighting with harsh winds and indoor heating. We have less time on our hands, therefore cutting our skincare rituals short. 

The result comes in the form of a compromised skin barrier. When repeatedly exposed to the elements, our skin is prone to distress and in turn, can act out. “The skin barrier is the skin’s first line of defence against external threats. It helps skin retain moisture and keeps skin hydrated and smooth, with no redness or inflammation,” says SkinMTX Regional Training Manager Vivian Foo, “A healthy-looking skin barrier is vital to help prevent future damage or problems to the skin.”

Sheet masks provide a simple, convenient and effective solution to those looking to repair their skin with limited time. SkinMTX has released a series of masks, each designed to target unique indications and fortify skin’s defences against future damage. “SkinMTX masks are able to improve hydration, reduce visible signs of irritation, and help restore skin barrier integrity,” Vivian explains.

SkinMTX has released 5 Infusion Masks and an Eye Perfection Mask

Barrier protection ingredients such as Sodium PCA, Sodium Hyaluronate and Glycerin are featured in the masks, in conjunction with reinforcing botanical extracts like aloe vera barbadensis, allantoin and wheat germ oil. Such ingredients are suitable when applied at home, and also “help speed up the recovery of the skin’s barrier function after skin aesthetic treatments.”

SkinMTX has five Infusion Masks and one Eye Perfection Mask in their range – 

SkinMTX Sensitive Calming Mask contains calming plant extracts such as Witch Hazel, Chamomile and Grape Seed.
Best for:
– blotchiness
– redness
– irritation.  

SkinMTX Purifying Mask incorporates the clarifying power of Oleanolic Acid to help restore a clear and refined skin tone and texture. A synergistic blend of soothing actives, Aloe Vera and Menthol assists in the restoration of skin’s natural balance.
Best for:
– redness
– sensitivity
– irritation. 

SkinMTX Milky Luminous Mask is a brightening mask that promotes skin rejuvenation to illuminate the complexion. Lactic Acid, a good brightening active, is at the heart of the formulation and it gently accelerates skin’s natural exfoliation process.
Best for:
– dullness
– lifeless skin.

SkinMTX Aloe Vera Hydro Soothing Mask uses the moisturising properties of Aloe Vera in conjunction with Grape Seed Extract – a concentrated botanical active with free radical-quenching characteristics.
Best for:
– dryness
– sensitivity.

SkinMTX Collagen Firming Mask is a rejuvenating face mask that promotes vitality. It contains plant-based sugar Betaine, which hydrates skin, while nutrient-rich Wheat Germ Oil helps strengthen structural integrity and barrier function.
Best for:
– skin lacking suppleness.

SkinMTX Eye Perfection Mask has been specially designed to nurture the fragile skin surrounding the eyes.
Best for:
– fine lines
– dark circles
– eyebags.

SkinMTX masks are designed to support skins impacted by cool weather conditions.

The SkinMTX Infusion Masks and Eye Perfection Mask are available at SkinMTX clinics nationwide.
For more information on the range, or to stock, contact Advanced Cosmeceuticals on 1800 242 011.

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