OmniDerm releases new vitamin C serum

OmniDerm this week announced its release of an addition to the Dr Spiller Biocosmetics range, Vitamin C Plus serum.

The company says the serum completes its Vitamin C Plus line of day cream, night cream and body lotion. “Our clients have been eagerly awaiting this extension to the highly popular Vitamin C Plus range. The Vitamin C Plus Serum complements it perfectly,” said Paul Fister, managing director of OmniDerm, exclusive importers and distributors of Dr. Spiller Biocosmetics.

Vitamin C is notoriously unstable, losing its potency very quickly. Certain forms and concentrations are also found to be acidic, which reportedly contributes to inflammation in the skin. The formulators at Dr. Spiller Biocosmetics have combined vitamin C with magnesium to increase its stability. This allows them to use lower levels of ‘time-released’ vitamin C, which, according to the company, helps eliminate irritation and inflammation.

Magnesium is claimed to slow the ageing process of the skin and play a critical role in the metabolism of many trace elements and enzymes. Vitamin C is claimed to stimulate collagen synthesis, helping regenerate prematurely aged skin. It is also credited with strengthening of capillary walls and supporting the immune system.

The ‘Plus’ in Vitamin C Plus Serum stands for a selection of extra ingredients, including: phosphatidylcholine, vitamin B3, provitamin B5, folic acid and vitamin B12, vitamin E and vitamin A.

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