Omniderm has launched a new range of German skincare products for men onto the local market.
Formulated by Dr. Spiller Biocosmetics, the new Manage Your Skin range is based on a “patented bio-active ingredient specifically developed for the special needs of male skin”.
According to Omniderm managing director Paul Fister, men want to spend minimum time on themselves but achieve maximum results.
“That means men need the right set of tools that have the right combination of power and effectiveness to manage their skin’s needs,” he said.
"Manage Your Skin is designed to work for all men, thanks to a unique patented bio-active ingredient called Glycamon Compound, which helps give male skin what it craves most – more energy."

He said the Glycamon Compound contains three powerful phyto-actives Glycyrrhizin derivate from licorice root to reduce inflammation and regulate oil production, Ultrafine elixir from the nopal cactus to boost moisture levels, and Glutathione peptides from einkorn to improve skin elasticity.

“Basically, the three phyto-actives in the Glycamon Compound work together to harness the natural power of active energy and help balance the visible energy deficit caused by lack of sleep and stress,” said Paul.
“The result is a concentrated anti-aging cocktail that is designed to help reduce irritation and hydrate skin at the same time.”