I Tried… O Cosmedics’ New O-Biome Oxygen Therapy Treatment. Here’s What It Does.

O Cosmedics has launched a new and highly-anticipated enzymatic facial treatment: O-Biome Oxygen Therapy.

The step has been incorporated into the brand’s new range of Pro Dermal Active (O PDA) professional treatments. According to O Cosmedics, O PDA treatments are designed to ‘embrace the link between skin physiology and cosmetic science to visibly rejuvenate skin’s appearance and optimise its health’.

Four variations of the treatment are available, with the most suitable treatment assigned to the client under the recommendation of their skin therapist. Such variations include: Lift & Firm (to improve skin laxity), Collagen Booster (to ease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles), Clear Skin (to assist with the reduction of acne), and Bright Skin (to enhance skin brightness).

Treatments can be offered as a stand-alone service, or be integrated into a clients’ O Cosmedics program. 

O-Biome Oxygen Therapy includes an Oxygenating Microbiome Setting Mask. In this step, a liquid mask is applied to the skin and left to set hard. Clients are encouraged to rest and cease movement of their face for 45 minutes.

While traditional peels target issues sitting on the skin’s surface, this mask by O Cosmedics is designed to penetrate the skin’s deepest cells, encouraging circulation as well as lymphatic drainage. 

O Cosmedics’ National Educator Manager, Michelle Sciara compares the mask application to the cleaning of a water filter in a fish bowl, removing traces of debris and clogged pipes that would otherwise limit the transfer of oxygen through the dermis.

Michelle Sciara spoke to Hannah Gay on the treatment’s logistics:

O Cosmedics’ new Pro Dermal Active, O-Biome Oxygen Therapy treatment has been in development for two-and-a-half years. What were some of the hurdles its formulators had to overcome to get this out to the public?

“The production journey often presents a plethora of challenges in bringing even just one product to market, so you can imagine creating an entire concept can be tricky when (like us) you aren’t prepared to compromise on the desired result. 

As they say, good things take time, and when your goal is to formulate a benchmark treatment that transforms both skin and businesses, you have to accept it won’t happen overnight… An intricate formulation, a commitment to sourcing and incorporating the absolute perfect actives to elevate the treatment potential and a lot (and we mean a lot) of research, experimenting and revisions mean creating O Pro Dermal Active wasn’t easy – but it was worth it!”

Why was O Cosmedics’ founder Maria Enna-Cocciolone so passionate about getting this treatment offering into the market?

“Maria’s philosophy is simple: she makes products that make both good skin and business sense. She acts from the heart and on behalf of the professional beauty industry and understands the need to create an offer that: a) is driven by industry and consumer demand, b) works to transform skin, and c) improves the clinic’s bottom line. 

A treatment that stands out in the market, O PDA has it all: a focus on supporting the skin’s microbiome, repair of the skin from within and the ability to target four key skin conditions with the use of customisable activators.”

This treatment is multi-faceted. Briefly outline the steps you took for my treatment, explaining why each was to be of benefit to my skin?

“A large component of the O PDA O-Biome Oxygen Therapy is the focus on skin oxygenation, essential for cell health and optimisation. We work to achieve this with a three-tier approach:

1.     Oxygen Enzyme Peel: Gently exfoliates to prepare skin and begin the oxygenation process,

2.     Bespoke massage using the O-Rejuv Device: Stimulates microcirculation bringing blood to the skin using a lifting and firming technique (mode one of three on the device),

3.     And O-Biome Oxygen Mask: Customised with [one of four boosters].”

The O-Biome Oxygen Therapy Mask is the hero step of this treatment. How does this solution work to stimulate circulation?

“Once the mask is applied, it sets and is left for 45 minutes. This setting action creates a compression in the skin which helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, a system which relies on motion and movement and is often forgotten when it comes to skin health. The lymphatic system plays a critical role in the body’s natural detoxification process, and by stimulating lymphatic drainage, the mask helps to remove toxins and other impurities from the skin and its cells leading to healthier functioning skin.

In addition, this compression promotes microcirculation to “feed” the skin essential nutrients. Microcirculation refers to the flow of blood through the smallest blood vessels in the body and plays a critical role in delivering oxygen and nutrient rich blood the skin needs to thrive and provide the glow we all look for.” 

O Cosmedics O-Biome Oxygen Therapy

So far, the majority of O Cosmedics stockists have signed up to offer O PDA in their clinics. What does training in this treatment look like for skin therapists?

“A treatment is only as good as its execution! To ensure that partners are confident in providing this next generation treatment, O COSMEDICS offers comprehensive training for its partners. A hybrid solution of both face-to-face and online learning options cater to the needs of O partners. Training focuses on ensuring that therapists are confident in providing the O-Biome Oxygen Therapy treatment and covers everything from product knowledge to treatment protocols and client consultations. By providing this training, O ensures that partners have the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver a high-quality, results-driven treatment that meets the needs of their clients.”

In sum, what makes this treatment option different to others in the market?

“Pro Dermal Active’s O-Biome Oxygen Therapy is THE next generation of treatment. A multifaceted approach to skin health, youth and confidence, it provides microbiome support, critical in protecting the skin and maintaining its health, whilst helping to strengthen the skin’s acid mantle; the first line of skin health.

The treatment is customised with one of four targeted skin condition activators meaning the treatment can be tailored to address specific skin concerns: such as pigmentation, acne, collagen, or laxity and ensures that clients receive a treatment that is tailored to their specific needs, leading to a more effective result.

Designed for and approved by clinics and expert therapists in terms of both its application and result, therapists are confident in a smooth treatment application, treatment process and mask removal, giving them a treatment they are happy to perform. 

Ultimately, the results speak for themselves… Clients who receive an O Pro Dermal Active treatment can expect to see visible improvements in their skin’s health and appearance with just one treatment…. You gotta love that!”

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