Would You Take A Personality Test to Get a Job?

Discovering your unique personality type through personality testing can help to grant you gain a competitive edge in your career, writes Aisling O’Toole.

Would you describe yourself as an ‘Introverted Extrovert’ or would you say you’re more of a ‘Blue’?

It’s not a trick question, these are just two examples of personality types as explained from employment related personality testing, a market estimated to be worth $3.05 billion.

While some categorise personality testing as being completely random with no bearing on a person’s working style, others are using tests more and more to help with recruitment. Which raises the question, would you take one?

Before you decide, there’s plenty of options to consider. The 60-year old Myers-Briggs Type Indicator has been taken by more than 50 million people and is available in 29 languages, while the Caliper Profile focuses on your specific working style. Personality testing involves participants answering an array of multiple choice questions, the combination of the answers classify the respondent in a particular way.

Post-Covid, personality testing has once again gained favour among those hiring for specific roles as it can be used as a way to screen those who may not fit with company culture or have traits that won’t suit the role at hand. Personality testing can also be practical when hiring for hybrid or remote roles, as they provide insight into a candidate’s working style that otherwise might take longer to discover due to distance.

While personality testing has its detractors – some HR experts have likened the practice of screening candidates based on tests to making business decisions based on your horoscope – the fact remains that roughly 40% of Australian employers ask candidates to take some sort of psychometric test before making an offer. Which means that no matter what side of the divide you fall on, there are benefits to be had, namely using the information to further your own career or address issues among your staff. So what information can you take from a personality test which will prove useful?

Highlight your blind spots

How do you relate to colleagues? How do you deal with conflict in the workplace? Do you ignore tasks that are outside your comfort zone? All too often we ignore the areas that we know cause us stress within the workplace, turning our blind spots into weak spots that can prevent career progression. If an employer shares the results of a personality test with you, it can be a smart way to identify areas in which you need to upskill or highlight soft skills that need work.

Gives company insight

If a prospective employer explains what they’re looking for by asking candidates to take a test it can be an opportunity to gain insight into the culture in which they operate. For example if they’re looking for candidates who can juggle varying priorities within a fast-paced environment, you should anticipate a busy working schedule. While roles that require an introverted candidate could indicate that the culture is quite toxic and staff are not encouraged to question the status quo.

If you’re currently looking for a new role, taking a free online personality test may help you identify trouble spots within your resume or working style or recognise areas that might need extra attention. The Professional Beauty Job Board is full of opportunities for those who want to use the extra insight to progress their career. Three opportunities are highlighted below with many more to be found on the Job Board.

Christian Dior Counter Manager, Myer

The Role: As Christian Dior Counter Manager you will work with the wider Myer team to lead and develop a committed team to achieve consistently great results.

The Responsibilities: You will be responsible for representing and advocating for Myer to generate customer loyalty and maintain a strong client base while demonstrating extensive product knowledge.

The Requirements: You will have previous experience leading and managing a team in a cosmetics business alongside financial acumen to work to budgets and effectively plan weekly rosters with a passion for beauty.

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Purchasing Accounts Payable Coordinator, AESOP

The Role: As Purchasing Accounts Payable Coordinator with AESOP you will work with the wider team to identify areas to improve current processes and support the materials planning manager with implementation.

The Responsibilities: You’ll have responsibility to process all supplier invoices for inventory through the accounts system along with reconciling receipts at Aesop DC and Contract Manufacturers.

The Requirements: You will need at least two-plus years’ experience in purchasing or accounts payable function, proven knowledge of basic accounting principles and NetSuite (or similar ERP) and a demonstrated ability to handle high workload in a timely manner.

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Field State Trainer, Sephora

The Role: As Field State Trainer with Sephora you will drive education and training both in a classroom environment (physical and virtual) and via in-store coaching and collaboration.

The Responsibilities: You will be responsible for planning, coordinating, communicating, delivering, and assessing Sephora and brand classroom training along with in-store coaching.

The Requirements: You have a proven track record in retail and at least Certificate IV Adult Training and Assessment alongside a genuine passion for both beauty and education.

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This article was produced in partnership with Jobbio.

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