Natalie Group signs distribution deal with Dolce Vita

Australian natural skincare company The Natalie Group has signed an exclusive deal with cosmetic and skincare distributor, Dolce Vita Beauty Supplies.

The Natalie Group said the deal enables even greater growth for the company, which has held a well respected name in the professional beauty industry for over 23 years, and allows it to expand more widely in Australia, and now also into New Zealand for the first time.

The Natalie Group’s new CEO, Claire Mitchell (pictured), has a history of launching small start ups into global, multi-million dollar success stories, and is striving for no less with The Natalie Group, which she took over in 2009. She is setting her sights first on the NAT. brand operating in more effective distribution channels in Australia and New Zealand before then looking to expand the brand worldwide.

“With The Natalie Group now partnering with Dolce Vita, we envisage the brand to grow extensively within the next few years to become a significant leader in the [naturals] sector,” Ms Mitchell said.

Moving away from the traditional image of natural skincare brands, Ms Mitchell intends to focus on the core competencies of NAT., launching a new skincare range formulated from scientific research and natural ingredients, including 100 per cent pure essential oils, and packaged in a fresh, clean and corporate design.

“It is clear that women today are not only concerned with the quality and price of the products they use but also the ingredients they are putting on their skin,” Ms Mitchell said. “This presents a huge opportunity for NAT. to lead the way with its natural approach to skincare.”

Managing Director of Dolce Vita Beauty Supplies, John Restaino also recognises this significant industry shift in Australia and New Zealand towards natural brands, which he said are here to stay, making NAT. more relevant than ever.

“We predict significant return for NAT. in being both natural and locally made, as there is pressure now for brands to be accountable for the ingredients they use and the mark they leave on the world, which will only increase in importance in the future of this industry.”

Claire Mitchell added: “Having our product exclusively distributed by Dolce Vita is a key way NAT. will successfully explode into the market. From there we will look to become one of the first Australian made, natural beauty brands to have a real impact on the global market.”

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