Lendan supports Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia

This year, Lendan will be providing all of its salons and spas with collection tins to help raise much-needed funds for the Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia.

Sharde is a leukaemia patient at the Royal Children's Hospital in Queensland.

Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia is the national partnership of five of Australia’s leading children’s hospital foundations, including:

•Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation SA
•Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation VIC
•Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation QLD
•Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation NSW
•Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation WA

The hospital partners treat or admit over 1,000,000 children each year. On average 300 children are admitted and over 3,000 occasions of service or care are delivered each day.

Together, they also form the major, non-government funding bodies for clinical research, equipment and patient/family hospital services in its children’s hospitals that otherwise would not exist.

Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia equally divides funds raised nationally between the five partners and is directed into the areas of greatest need in each hospital, with key areas of funding being research, services and equipment.

Each foundation operates a 'wish list' for its respective hospital, where funds donated to Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia can be used to purchase equipment that can make a difference in the care of sick and injured children through faster outcomes, and with less pain.

“The Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia is an organisation that provides a real difference in the lives of sick children and their families. Funds raised are allocated to vital research areas such as burn recovery techniques, childhood cancer and respiratory diseases to name but a few," said Nick Panagiotou, Lendan's Marketing Manager.

He further explains, "These funds have helped children like Sharde who is being treated for leukaemia at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Queensland. This amazing amount of work and dedication could not be made possible without the Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia and Lendan is extremely proud to be a partner of such an inspiring organisation.”

Contact: Lendan on 1800 536 326 or visit www.lendan.com.au


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