Two years after launching its medical skincare range targeted at millennials, Australia’s Dermaenergy is expanding its offering with a ‘Black Label’ line targeted at the “more mature luxury seeking consumer”.

According to Dermaenergy founder Sean Abel, the new Black Label line is a step up from the budget-friendly White Label line.

“It’s phase two of Dermaenergy’s plan to offer medical-grade products for every step of a customer’s skincare journey,” he says.

“Targeting everyone aged 35 and up, Black Label aims to resolve skin conditions rather than manage skin types.”

Abel says that although both product lines feature Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) and active ingredients the Black Label products are “stronger formulas”.

“When ATP is featured in White Label products it is usually at a concentration of one percent compared with the four percent used in most Black Label products. Similarly the quantity of actives used in White Label products is doubled in Black Label products.”

To be sold in skin clinics only, the Black Label products will eschew White Label’s playful product names such as ‘Dissolve And Solve’ and ‘Hydrate And Inflate’ and retail for twice the price.

“Dermaenergy Black Label is serious skincare, with serious names and serious results,” says Abel.

“It’s also double the strength and, therefore, double the price.”

The Black Label line will include

  • A3 Serum – includes three different vitamin As
  • B3 Serum – includes three different vitamin Bs
  • C3 Serum – includes three different vitamin Cs
  • HA3 Serum – includes three different hyaluronic acids
  • LQD Serum – a hydroxy acid liquid exfoliant
  • Pre and Probiotic moisturisers with blue light protection
  • Mineral sun protection (SPF50+ with ATP)

“Dermaenergy Black Label will dramatically reignite a more mature skin, increasing energy and vitality and reducing visible signs of ageing,” concludes Abel.

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