Aussies Warm to Cosmetic Medicine

The Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australaisa (CPSA) has noticed Australians will be turning to non-surgical cosmetic treatments to ensure they look their best for the holiday season.

A recent CPSA survey found 99.5 per cent of people who have undergone a non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the past would do so again, and more than three-quarters of them will tell a friend about it.

“The lead up to summer is always the busiest time of the year for our members. We find patients tend to seek cosmetic treatments going into the warmer months as they want to look refreshed and ready for the holidays. The vast majority of those who have had treatments come back because they loved the results first time round and want to maintain their refreshed appearance,” Dr Susan Austin from the CPSA says.

Most respondents chose to have a non-surgical cosmetic procedure for aesthetic reasons, with 80.4 per cent of respondents noting that the motivation for their treatment was to enhance their appearance, such as to reduce the signs of ageing or to have fuller lips.

“As many non-surgical treatments require relatively little down-time to recover, many patients tend to have their treatments before major events or holidays. However, I advise against having a good procedure such as anti-wrinkle injections within a few weeks of a special occasion as it can sometimes take a couple of days for any slight bruising or swelling to subside,” Dr Austin says.

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