Mikatvonk Makeup by Jay Jay

Mikatvonk Makeup held a Spring Makeup Masterclass in Manly last week. Mikatvonk was co-created by makeup artist Jay Jay. Professional Beauty caught up with Jay Jay to discuss the range:

How did the Mikatvonk range come about?

Mikatvonk came about when a sales rep called Mr Kim, was just about to leave another makeup company called Vov. I’d found an eyebrow pencil I really liked and wanted to rebrand it, along with a few lipsticks to sell to my clientele, especially brides. However, I quickly found out that I had to a buy a minimum of 5000 units which I couldn’t do. Mr Kim had left Vov and decided to start his own line of makeup, he saw my work on my website and contacted me and asked if I was interested in co-developing the brand, of course I was thrilled as it is very expensive to start your own brand and after three years of exchanging samples and packaging the line and brand was born.

Where did you get inspiration for the name?

The name was originally JJRK which are my initials but then it evolved to Mik@Vonk as other investors come in to the equation. Now the brand is Mikatvonk, Mik is Kim back to front and Vonk means spark in Dutch as he said I was the spark to the brand.

Is Mitatvonk the only product range you use as an artist?
I used to use many different brands but now the Mikatvonk range has become so extensive I only use my own brand as I am my own advocate. I love every item. Inspiration for the range came from my favourite products from different brands.

Which are your most popular products?
The most popular products are the Anti-Wrinkle Primer, the Cover Max Hydrating Foundation, the eyebrow pencils, lip glosses and eyeshadows. Korea is the number one user of eyeshadows so they are experts in creating high quality eyeshadows that are so easy to blend and never crumb.

How does purchasing the range work for makeup artists and how do they go about it?
Most makeup artists buy the Mikatvonk range directly through me following my makeup course. I offer different kits with a 20 per cent discount, as I run a boutique school called Makeup School Sydney www.makeupschoolsydney.com.au and have a Cert 2 in Makeup course running every 6 weeks. Alternatively, they can purchase products from my website www.mikatvonkmakeup.com.au. I also sell the range at wholesale price for those who want to sell at parties and earn 100 per cent on each product. I have an online shop on my website where single items can be purchased

What support do you offer for makeup artists using Mikatvonk?

Firstly the wholesale pricing policy whereby they only have to purchase a minimum of 5 per item to then sell the brand to their own clientele and earn 100 per cent on each item. Alternatively, via my website they can have a loyalty card and get a 20 per cent discount when purchasing three items. Mikatvonk is a range that is high in quality yet affordable for everyone. The most expensive item is $35 retail. It ranges from $18 for a lipstick to $15 for a fabulous collagen mascara.

How do makeup artists hear about the range?
I have a blog and website and also run regular makeup masterclasses where I invite makeup artist from different salons and agencies. The masterclasses are important to reach out to clients and demonstrate new looks with the Mikatvonk Makeup and create brand awareness.

What Mikatvonk products did you use to create your signature Spring Makeup Look?

1. Anti-wrinkle Primer was applied all over the face and blended with a foundation brush.
2. Cover Max Hydrating Foundation was applied all over the face with a foundation brush, blending well.
3. With a large powder brush Blooming Pact Powder in natural beige was applied all over the face avoiding the nose and cheek bones.
4. Next, a contouring brush was used to contour the face using the bronzer from the blusher palette in the hair line, temples and from the hair line just near the ears towards the nose.
5. The Flower Cheek Powder in pretty pink was applied as blusher to the apples of the cheeks.
6. The 5 Colour Shadow was applied with a large blending brush. The White Pearl created shine on the brow bone, then Shining Brown was placed all over the eyelid and Romance (a deep wine) was applied to the base of the lashes and into the crease of the upper eyelid.
7. The professional eye pencil in Black/Brown was applied to the outer corner of the base of the eyelashes, blending well with a small eyeshadow brush.
8. The collagen mascara in waterproof was applied to the lashes.
9. The Auto Eyebrow Pencil in grey brown was used to fill in the eyebrows, which were then blended with an eyebrow brush.
10. Lastly, the flower scented Lipgloss in Pretty Peach was applied to the lips blending with a lip brush.

Visit: www.mikatvonkmakeup.com.au to find out more about the range www.jayjay.com.au to find out more about Jay Jay and www.makeupschoolsydney.com.au to find out about her school.

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