10 Professional Peels to Target Your Clients’ Main Skin Concerns

Administering a professional peel is one of the best ways to treat a variety of common skin issues. Here, we unpack the formulas behind IMAGE Skincare’s advanced peels.

Chemical peels are innovative treatments aimed at inducing controlled skin injury to a specific depth with the ultimate goal of stimulating the growth of new and healthier skin. This process leads to a significant improvement in surface texture and overall appearance, as observed in a study published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology in 2010.

By promoting the emergence of fresh and vibrant skin, chemical peels effectively address challenging skin issues that are otherwise difficult to treat. Additionally, enzymatic and oxygenating peels share a similar purpose of revitalising tired skin cells, creating an optimal environment for the development of youthful and radiant skin.

One of the remarkable features of peels, whether they are chemical, enzymatic, or oxygenating, is their effectiveness in targeting various skin concerns, from acne to signs of ageing. These treatments can be combined with other skin therapies to maximise the desired results for clients.

While the availability of peels has increased in recent years, it is crucial to emphasise that these procedures should be carried out by experienced estheticians. A skilled skin professional possesses the expertise to select the most suitable peel for each client, taking into account factors like the individual’s skin history and unique characteristics.

Why choose IMAGE Skincare professional peels?

The team at IMAGE Skincare has introduced ten professional peels, each carefully designed and customisable to address a diverse range of skin indications. Image Skincare was recently named the #1 spa and salon professional skincare brand in the US*.

IMAGE’s peels incorporate the brand’s signature I-Enhancers, providing additional support for the skin during the treatment process. It is noteworthy that these peels are aloe-based gels, not only designed to peel the skin gently but feed the skin with essential nutrients.

IMAGE Skincare peels combine powerful exfoliating agents with 10 different types of stem cells, 15 nourishing antioxidants, 6 synergistically balanced complex blends, potent fusion anti-ageing peptides, and brightening agents. These comprehensive formulations are designed to ensure clients receive the most effective and transformative results, leading to healthier and more radiant skin.

10 IMAGE Skincare Advanced Peels for Advanced Results:

  1. Acne Lift – an AHA and BHA peel
  2. Advanced BHA Lift – an extra strength salicylic peel
  3. Lightening Lift – a lactic acid peel to brighten
  4. Lightening Lift Forte – and advanced lactic peel for stubborn pigmentation
  5. O2 Lift – an enzymatic and oxygenating treatment
  6. Ormedic Lift – a multi-fruit enzyme peel
  7. Perfection Lift – an advanced self-neutralising AHA and BHA peel for anti-ageing
  8. Signature Facelift – a vitamin C and enzyme peel
  9. Wrinkle Lift – a glycolic and retinol peel
  10. Wrinkle Lift Forte – an advanced AHA/BHA peel for deeper wrinkles.

Different salons often cater to different skin needs, depending on their typical clientele. Therefore, partnering IMAGE Skincare salons are not required to take on all 10 peels upfront. Rather, salons can start with one or two of the most suitable peels before extending their treatment offerings at a later date, if applicable.

IMAGE Skincare’s Founder and Chairwoman of the Board, Janna Ronert will join Professional Beauty’s Hannah Gay for a LIVE webinar discussing the distinguishing features of the internationally-revered medical-grade skincare brand. Plus, learn whether IMAGE Skincare is the right brand for your beauty business.
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*Kline & Company’s 2021 Professional Skin Care U.S Report

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