7 things your wax client never wants to hear you say…

We understand, you’re just trying to add a bit of conversation to your wax room treatments, but there are some things you should try and avoid. Here are seven of them.


Try not frighten your wax clients with un-thoughtful chat!
Try not frighten your wax clients with un-thoughtful chat!

#1. So, got a hot date tonight?

This type of comment is meant to be friendly, but when a woman has her legs akimbo for a Brazilian wax she possibly doesn’t really want her therapist insinuating that she is going to go hot and heavy that night – it’s kind of wrong on a whole lot of levels.

#2. Wow, darl, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?!

Your client knows how long it’s been since her last leg wax, pointing it out to her is not really going to make her feel better, is it? Consider the situation business as usual and get on with the job.

#3. I’ve got this terrible virus, been sick for a week…

While it’s admirable that you would show up to work when you’re feeling hideous, it’s not so pleasant for your clients. If you’re coughing, or sneezing, or blowing your nose every two minutes, you should be in bed. At home. Away from other people.


She said what...? There are some things a client just doesn't need to hear.
She said what…? There are some things a client just doesn’t need to hear.

#4. I am so over it…

You might be on your ninth Brazilian for the day, but that’s not your client’s issue – and telling them they’re boring you won’t make their appointment any more fun. Our advice: suck it up and smile. Tomorrow is another day.

#5. Going somewhere fancy tonight?

Leading questions can leave your client down in the dumps . What if she is just about to throw on the trackie pants and hit the couch? What if she has just broken up with her boyfriend and was actually planning on ordering a large pizza for one? It’s good manners to ask about your client’s day, but try and keep the questions open. Something like, “what plans do you have this week?” will allow them to talk about the things they want to talk about, rather the things they have to defend.

#6. Babe, your legs are so dry…

There is caring about the state of your client’s skin, and then there is therapist bullying. A positive experience can quickly turn to a negative one so when pointing out a client’s failure to do something, it is best to go easy. Perhaps use the opportunity to show them some a body product that will combat dryness. You up-sell; she feels good. Win. Win.

#7. Err, what’s that…?

Pointing out body issues that you haven’t been asked to look at is a no-go zone. You can ask questions, such as “have you been having trouble with ingrown hairs”, but, unless it’s dangerous to your, or your client’s health, if you’re not asked your opinion on something, don’t give it.



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