Salon sues client over bad brows

A Melbourne woman who complained about her new feather stroke eyebrows on Facebook is being sued by the cosmetic tattooist who carried out the procedure as well as the salon she co-owns.

In July last year, 43-year-old Amanda Coats posted photos of her “infected” brows alleging that she contracted the infection following a $360 eyebrow tattooing procedure by Ulzii Cleveland at the Skincare Laser Clinic in Point Cook.

In the post she wrote: “I went to get my eyebrows feather tattooed to enhance them. I ended up with a severe infection.”

She also accused the therapist, Ulzzi, of being very rushed and going and out of the room during the treatment to attend to other clients.

Image from Amanda Coats’ Facebook page

Ulzii and the salon (jointly owned by her and husband Iain Cleveland) deny Amanda’s version of events, and are now seeking more than $150,000 in compensation – Iain claims the salon lost 11 clients (whose appointments are valued at $5600) as a result of the post while Ulzii claims she has been subject to ridicule as the post implied she was “rude, unprofessional and unhygienic”.

Image from Amanda Coats’ Facebook page

Iain says Amanda was delighted when she left the clinic after her feather stroke appointment but rang the clinic a few days afterwards with concerns that the colour was fading (a normal reaction after cosmetic tattooing).

Two and a half weeks after the procedure she forwarded a photo of her infected eyebrows to the clinic but Iain is adamant “there’s no way we could be possibly responsible for the infection at that stage.

He told The Daily Mail, “my wife has done over 2000 of these procedures, and we’ve never had any issues of infection”.

‘We’ve been unable to defend ourselves and we are taking action against Ms Coats for defamation.’

Image posted on Amanda Coat’s’ Facebook page

In an official statement released after Amanda’s initial claim, Iain said the salon follows “strict industry best practice, standards and regulations.

“At the beginning of the procedure, the client was shown the microblade and dressing pack contained in a sterilised environment.

“These packs were opened in front of the client using sterilised gloves that remained in the room the entire procedure. The client left the procedure satisfied. Based off feedback from industry experts, SLC believes the adverse reaction was due to an allergy to one of the supplementary products used.”

Image posted on Amanda Coats’ Facebook page – prior to her eyebrow tattooing procedure

When contact by Professional Beauty for an update on proceedings, Iain said that “after consultation with our legal team we have been advised it would not be appropriate to comment on the current court case until its conclusion”.

“Once concluded we would be happy to share our experiences,” he said.

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