This Salon SPECIALISES In Booze

Vinotherapie Spa in New York’s Plaza Hotel has a unique offering on its treatment menu…

Wine, glorious wine.

Who hasn’t considered drowning themselves in wine after a long day at work?

It seems one beauty clinic has taken that dream literally, with a new controversial treatment involving soaking in an entire bathtub of red wine.

The treatment, deemed the ‘Barrel Bath’, was launched by Vinotherapie Spa in New York’s Plaza Hotel.

During the treatment, clients slip into a tub full of how water mixed with grape marc (to exfolitate dead skin cells) and red vine leaf extract (to boost red blood cell circulation).

High speed jets are used to aid absorption of the boozy mixture while massaging away tired, aching muscles.

The clinic also offers a specialised wine-focused massage, the ‘Wine Maker’s Massage’, which cleverly recreates the process of traditional French wine-making on the clients’ body, as well as a variety of wine-inspired facials.

The treatment products come from French skincare brand, Caudalie, whose motto, unsurprisingly, is, ‘Beauty from the vine’ and range from $80-$400+.

Have your say: Do you think there’s merit in these types of treatments, or is it all just hype to attract clients?


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