Roxy Jacenko, the queen of Australian PR and the recently announced brand ambassador for Skinny Tan, unveiled her new eponymously-named self-tanner at a lavish Valentines Day lunch in Sydney.

During the lunch, Roxy told beauty writers and influencers that Roxy Tan is a darker version of Skinny Tan’s popular 7 Day Tanner which is available in ‘Medium’ and ‘Dark’.

Roxy, who signed on as the Skinny Tan’s ambassador in November, said she “fell in love” with the brand’s Skinny Tan’s 7 Day Tanner as soon as she tried it.

“I’ve used so many tanning products, but Skinny Tan’s 7 Day Tanner is my favourite as it’s so easy to use, it never streaks and there’s no fake tan smell,” she said.

“I like to be super dark so I usually just two to three coats of 7 Day Tanner in Dark, but I run four businesses (Sweaty Betty, Ministry of Talent, Pixie Bows and Social Union) and have two small children, so I don’t always have the time.

“I therefore spoke to the Skinny Tan team who said we could launch the same creamy streak-free formulation that I love in a darker shade, which was music to my ears…as is anything that will save me time and keep me looking good.

“It’s so easy to use and it’s my way of staying bronzed without damaging my skin in the sun.”

Skinny Tan PR Manager Monica Tarca added that the company’s collaboration with

Roxy to create the ‘Ultimate Dark’ self-tanner was super exciting.

“We can’t wait to hear what our customers think,” she said.

“Our Skinny Tanners love that our formulations are cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and derived from natural ingredients and we think they are going to love how easy to use this creamy, streak-free formula applies to the skin and how dark the colour is even more,” she said.

Speaking shortly after the announcement of her ambassadorship, Roxy told Professional Beauty that spray tans had been a “weekly ritual” for her since her mid-20s.

“However with the juggle of motherhood and work, finding the time for a professional spray tan became a luxury,” she said.

“I wanted a tanning product that gave me flawless results at home that could be applied with a minimum fuss when my day was done at 11 or 12 at night.

Readily admitting that she had not previously been a fan of self-tanning products as she feared she would end up looking “more like a mandarin than a bronzed beauty”, Roxy said she was super impressed when she tried Skinny Tan for the first time after a friend’s recommendation.

“It was easy to apply, I could do it in the dark of night when the kids were in bed and I had finished my work for the evening and the inbuilt bronzer meant I could see where I had applied leaving me streak-free.”

The PR guru is now so confident in the self-tan brand’s effectiveness that she says she would happily use the tan (rather than having a professional salon tan) before a big media event