Q&A with Cassandra Lees

Cassandra Lees is a current student at the Australian National College of Beauty, here she shares her experience as a beauty student and what she values most about her college.

Cassie Lees

Cassandra is 19 and she is currently studying a Diploma in Beauty Therapy at the Australian National College of Beauty.

Why did you choose to study a Diploma in Beauty Therapy at ANCB?

Because I always loved the thought of pampering others as my job. From a young age, I would set up treatment rooms for my family and give massages and facials. However, when I started at ANCB I went from wanting to work in a day spa to wanting to be a Laser Therapist. Gaining experience with laser treatments in the course completely changed my mind and my career pursuits. I chose ANCB because it offers international accreditation – this is what set ANCB apart from other colleges for me.

What industry experience have you had and how has it shaped you?

In trimester three we get to do industry placement in a day spa (booked through ANCB) where we get to receive and do treatments on each other using the spa’s facilities. I was also employed by a skin clinic half way through my diploma.

What are your plans for the future?

I recently started working at a skin clinic and will be fully trained in laser therapy at the start of next year – focusing on tattoo removal.

What advice do you have for others (who wish to get into the industry)?

For those wanting to get into the industry I would say: go for it! It was a great decision for me and after only seven months of studying I am already working in the industry. ANCB trains therapists to be work-ready and many employers seek ANCB graduates because of its reputation in the industry.

If you could change one thing about the Australian beauty industry what would it be?

Many people look upon the beauty industry as being a somewhat ‘easy’ job. It is hard work, very demanding of your time and physical strength. It takes a lot to be a therapist and I have learnt this simply from studying. I would love to change the stereotype that is aligned with the industry.

For more information visit http://www.ancb.edu.au/

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