Industry Profile: Makeup Artist Miss Dodo Divine

The best way to describe Miss Dodo Divine is a cross between a retro Snow White and an eccentric Dita Von Teese. With her trademark brighter than bright red hair, matching eyebrows, a sweetheart bow and dramatic winged eyeliner, Miss Dodo Divine knows how to stop ‘em in the street. This philosophy translates seamlessly to her day job as a hair and makeup artist at Kryolan’s Sydney store.

“I love the creativity, and meeting new people. I have met some lovely inspiring people working in the industry, as well as some beautiful clients,” Miss Dodo Divine tells PB. “I’m still in awe I am able to do something I love and be paid for it.”

Before she was a store manager for Kryolan, Miss Dodo Divine, aka Dianne Murphy, worked in the musical theatre industry and hadn’t yet developed a passion for pinup.

“Before I discovered pinup I was incredibly self-conscious and embarrassed about my body type,” says Dianne. “It wasn’t until I started dressing pinup I felt comfortable and sexy in my own skin. This led me to compete in a few pin-up pageants and then to pinup alternative modeling, which in turn lead to my career.”

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In 2015, Dianne competed in Miss Pinup Australia, a nationwide event that encourages women of all shapes, sizes, and ages to showcase their self-love and confidence through their expression of vintage glamour. While there are a series of awards, the core of Miss Pinup Australia is celebrating every individual’s self-confidence.

With her Ariel-esque hair and red dyed brows, confidence isn’t something Dianne struggles with now, and she urges others to embrace their inner eccentricity and express it however they choose.

“Flaunt what you have and don’t care about what others think! They’re usually just curious or jealous,” she tells us.

Asked where she draws her inspiration from, Dianne cites the sophistication of the 1940s and ‘50s, but also admits to loving the creativity of special effects makeup, with bright colours and fake blood being her favourite.

“My mum is a nurse so I grew up with medical shows on TV,” says Dianne. “I can’t fully explain my attraction to it, but making something look real and horrible that makes people react is so much fun.”

While she enjoys the theatrical side of makeup, transforming individuals into grotesques isn’t the only thing Dianne relishes.

“My favourite experience so far has been when I worked on National Geographics show Mars the Live Experience in Sydney and Canberra last month,” Diane tells us.

“I got to do hair and makeup for the likes of Buzz Aldrin (second man on the moon), Jason Ceran (Director of Advanced Exploration Systems, a division of NASA’s Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate) and Professor Mark McCaughrean (European Space Agency – Senior Scientific Advisor in the Directorate of Science and Robotic Exploration).”

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So what’s next after working with Buzz Aldrin?

“I hope to be working full-time either as a brand ambassador and senior artist travelling around the world, or in film and television,” says Dianne. “I also want to keep growing my own brand through pinup worth, both on and off camera.”

A self-confessed nerd and comic book lover, Miss Dodo Divine isn’t your typical beauty babe, but that inability to conform and a love of self-expression is what makes her an industry favourite.

“I get a lot of women say to me ‘oh I love that style but I could never pull it off.’ I say to them yes you can! You just have to do it and love it. People will respond well to your confidence and you will feel amazing.”

Simply divine, no?

Diane Murphy, aka Miss Dodo Divine:
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