Napoleon Perdis on how to Make Contouring Easy

The days of your customers being bewildered by the idea of contouring are over. This February, Napoleon Perdis will release a new range of contouring powders that are exceptionally easy to use but create just as exceptional results. The collection, called Tone It! Face + Body Reflective Contour, comprises of four pressed powders, two of which are matte while the others are shimmery.

“This collection of angelic pigments reflects and absorbs the light to add definition where you need it most,” Napoleon told PB. “The deep, warm depth of colours, fused with velvet-smooth and soft to the touch texture improve the appearance of your skin’s radiance and enhance glow for candle-like looking skin.”

Napoleon created the range after becoming tired of traditional contouring shades, choosing to focus instead on highlighting the face with luminous textures that reflect the light rather than create a shadow.

“It helps to lift, illuminate and brighten the face while drawing attention to the highest parts of the face like the top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and Cupid’s bow,” he says.
“In terms of the added contouring, it has the incredible ability to really transform the face when it is done softly. So it’s really up to the individual and their personal style and taste.”

tone-it_preach-to-peach    tone-it_gold-seeker-4

Billed as one of the easiest to use contouring powders, Napoleon demonstrated to PB just how much of a breeze these products were to apply.

“To nail the look, sweep a matte product at least two shades deeper than the skin tone to where you desire including under the cheekbones, onto the socket of the eye, forehead, jawline and on the sides of the nose,” Napoleon tells us.

“To sculpt and shape the cheeks with ease, try using a fluffy blush brush. It’s an essential brush as it can be used to add contour and add warmth around the face and under the cheekbones and highlight the top of the cheekbones.

For the eyes, a smaller sized domed fluffy brush is perfect as it can be used to tap colour onto the eyelid and blend a darker contour shade through the socket. It’s the perfect shape to also lightly contour and highlight the nose.”

Now how easy is that?


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