Picking Equipment for Your Salon

Not sure which equipment to invest in for your salon and client-base? Kane Hammond from The Global Beauty Group shows you how.

Picking out the right equipment for your business - no longer a tough decision!
Picking out the right equipment for your business – a tough decision no longer!

With the sheer number of choices available on the beauty equipment market today, the process of investing in new beauty technology can be a daunting task. There are just so many factors to consider – on the one hand, the equipment has to work for your clients; it has to be worth their while as customer satisfaction is ultimately what will lead to long-term business success. On the other hand, you want equipment that will pay for itself and work to help your business prosper financially.

Statistics show that clients are willing to pay an impressive $1,000-$5,000 for non-invasive beauty treatments (Source: Petra Starke, Herald Sun, 21st April 2013), so if you play your cards right, this fact alone spells limitless growth potential and financial rewards for your salon or spa.

Here are a few key tips to consider:
1. Go non-invasive
The fact that people are willing to spend $1,000 – $5,000 on non-invasive beauty treatments alone, coupled with its soaring demand ($773 million was spent on non-invasive beauty treatments in 2012 – up almost 20% from 2011), it’s crystal clear that non-invasive beauty equipment is leading the way in the industry, with only further growth in sight.

Microdermabrasion remains the most popular treatment for people in their 20s and is second most popular for the over-30s market. Permanent hair removal is requested by 51% percent of clients in their 20s and is increasingly becoming a preferred alternative to waxing. The leading hair removal technologies on today’s market are IPL machines (Intense Pulsed Light) and laser hair removal machines.

Kane Hammond, CEO of The Global Beauty Group
Kane Hammond, CEO of The Global Beauty Group

2. Analyse your target market
Do you see a pattern in your customers? Perhaps your salon is in an area where the majority of clientele are wealthy, middle-aged women or maybe you are located within a trendy inner-city hub where you have hip, young career professionals coming through the door. It’s important to recognise your target market and listen to their concerns. Acne, for example, can affect people of all ages and it’s great to know it is possible to offer in-depth, programmed solutions for such concerns using one or more forms of aesthetic technology.

Types of equipment that can be used to treat acne include microdermabrasion machines, LED light therapy machines and IPL machines. These multi-faceted devices not only serve to treat acne, but can also offer anti-ageing skin rejuvenation solutions, making them economical tools that will cater to a greater number of your clients. If you do your research and compare what exactly individual machines can offer, it is possible to invest in just a few high quality beauty devices that will cater to clients of all ages while addressing their varied skin concerns.

3. Don’t compromise on quality
Cheap beauty equipment may seem appealing to your bank account at the time, but there are high risks with purchasing cheap machines, especially from overseas. They may not come with the necessary technical support and training and you could be left with a machine that does nothing but sit in the corner and lose money for your business. A high quality machine that is designed to perform at its peak every single time and get real, long-term results is without a doubt going to offer your business higher profit turnovers in the long run. Your customers will notice the quality of your services too and are far more likely to re-book treatments if they feel assured that your equipment is safe, trusted and offers noticeable results.

What to look for: Always ensure your equipment comes with comprehensive, in-depth training and on-going technical support in case something goes wrong. Where required, look for medical grade devices that are included on the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods). This confirms your equipment meets Australian safety and electrical standards and that it can also lawfully be supplied and used in Australia. Cheap equipment purchased from unverifiable sources may expose multiple risks to the safety and well being of you and your clients.

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