After showcasing all 10 brands at seven different stands at the Sydney Beauty Expo, Professional Beauty Solutions held its third annual Passion to Profits seminar for its salon partners.

Held at the International Convention Centre Passion to Profits 3.0 was “a jam-packed day of education” designed to help salon owners grow their business and skills.

Speakers included two international visitors ‒ Philip Luque, director of artistry and  global & domestic senior educator for Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics and Dawn Clifford, senior director of education for Image Skincare.

Luque held a Youngblood ‘Look & Learn’ Mineral Masterclass focusing on ‘The Art of Youthful Makeup for Mature Skin’.

During the class he stressed that mature skin has characteristics and needs that other skin does not so the “products used when working with mature skin need to be adjusted to ensure skin is left glowing, without emphasising fine lines”.

Luque also showcased the ‘draping’ makeup technique.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics’ Philip Luque at the ‘Look & Learn’ Mineral Masterclass

Dubbed “the new contouring”, Luque said draping follows the natural bone structure to define, sculpt and create a flawless cheekbone.

“However, cream blush is used (in two different shades) to achieve a softer, more natural look without the standard brown tones used in classic contouring.”

Meanwhile Clifford demonstrated Image Skincare’s  latest peels and  introduced the brands newest ingredients and delivery systems.

She also gave guests a “sneak peak of Image MD” – a new range that “ incorporates cutting edge ingredients and delivery systems and utilises the latest advancements in skincare technology”.

“Unlike other skincare programs, this collection can be used as a daily, ongoing skincare protocol and will be launching early 2018 in Australia,” she said.

Speaking after the one-day event, Professional Beauty Solutions founder Matt Williams said the company prides itself on not only providing leading brands, but also “giving professionals the education and marketing support they need to truly succeed”.

“With a gift bag from both events in hand, attendees walked away with a wealth of new knowledge they learned from these two leaders in the beauty and skincare industry.”