Winner of the Professional Beauty Solutions Best Client Transformation Journey competition announced

Professional Beauty Solutions has announced the winners of its Best Client Transformation Journey Competition. The distributor encouraged salon to send in their most transformation before-and-after photos (with consent) of clients for the chance to win a Dermalux Flex LED device.

Allison Mattock of Professional Beauty Solutions says of the competition, “At PBS we are commitment to providing our salons with the most effective products and device offerings available on the market. Beyond that, we also care about the needs of our salons and what they need to do to be successful, that’s why we’re equally dedicated to offering our partners the essential support they need to build a lucrative business through education, marketing support or tips on how to succeed. One of those tips we strongly believe in, is the power of before and after photos! Not only do before & after images emphasise a salons credibility as a legitimate, results-driven salon but they also work to attract new customers, increase treatment bookings, boost sales and see profits soar.”

They launched the competition because they noticed many of their partner salons didn’t use before-and-after images. “Whilst we are continually pushing the benefits of before & after photos, we noticed that many salons and clinics unfortunately weren’t taking full advantage of this powerful marketing opportunity and its associated business boosting benefits. As a result, we launched Client Transformation Journeys earlier this year – a competition for our stockists case studies and before and after photos – giving salons a chance to win a Dermalux Flex LED device.”

More than 150 Australian salons entered the competition, showcasing transformation from the powerful results of a Dermalux LED Phototherapy treatment plan to beautiful mineral makeup transformations using Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, as well as life-changing results achieved through a combination of modalities.

Announced at our PBS Virtual 2021 Salon of the Year Awards, says Allison, “We crowned The Temple Skincare & Spa the official winner of our 2021 Best Client Transformation Journey, they were also the lucky recipient of a FREE Dermalux Flex. Combining 4 treatment modalities, they used Dermalux LED, Image Skincare, Fusion Mesotherapy and Mesopen Pro to deliver “face lift” results without having to go under the knife – a truly impressive thing to do when it comes to the skin! Not only did this treatment combination deliver the client an incredible lift, but it also significantly improved the canvas of her skin, allowing it to look considerably more youthful and healthier. Something that surgery alone can’t do as it doesn’t treat the overall health of the skin. Additionally, you can see that her marionette lines and nasolabial folds have all been significantly reduced. This is really a truly incredible result to achieve without the use of botox and fillers.”

“The treatment plan involved strengthening the skin with corrective homecare, followed by regenerating the skin with a sequence of skin needling and LED light therapy (1x Mesopen Pro every 28 day and 3x LED light sessions per week for 2 weeks, 10 days post needling). Within 3 weeks of starting the Image Homecare Routine, the client’s skin revealed a healthy glow. Her first Mesopen Pro Skin Needling Session was performed in week 4 of her new skincare routine and 10 days post needling, Dermalux LED session.”

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