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Taking inspiration from the clients who walk through her door, Suzie Hoitink launches a new project that delivers confidence, positivity and a spot of me-time. Reports Ashleigh Sharman.


Upon meeting Suzie Hoitink you get the feeling this is a woman who could run the country if she so decided. Passionate, dedicated, intelligent and compassionate, her successful Clear Complexions Clinics have changed the lives of countless women and this latest project remains close to the heart.

“We know what we do at the clinic isn’t so much about making people feel great but rather restore some confidence. Clients don’t often feel good about themselves and whatever it is or how insignificant it might be to another person, it becomes something that can affect their self-esteem.  We want our clients to feel fantastic and coming to see us is often the first step of positivity — they are empowering themselves,” says Suzie of the inspiring people she meets each day.


It is from these inspirational clients that the idea for the magazine, Inner Confidence, was born. The magazine profiles stories of those who have embarked on a personal journey, overcome adversity and built up their confidence whilst also providing a space for Suzie to share tips on how to care for the skin. Rather than another marketing push, Suzie wanted to offer clients something different — a more intimate engagement.


“I find the online space so cluttered and impersonal. There is nothing more personal than bearing yourself in a magazine and having someone read about you. I think it’s a very tactile, lovely thing to be able to pick up a magazine, sit down with a coffee and stop for a moment. If the stories are engaging, inspiring and draw you in that’s a really nice moment to be able to create. Personally, I don’t have a lot of time to browse the web so to be able to gift myself that time is special,” Suzie says.


Inner Confidence, available for free in Clear Complexions Clinics and through their website, launches its first issue this month with plans to grow page size and move from bi-annually to quarterly in the near future. Contributing heavily to the magazine, this is her baby after all, Suzie will keep editorial focused on inspiration and skin health — aimed at her primary demographic of 35 to 60 year old women.

“I want as many people as possible to get their hands on Inner Confidence. These are the people that inspire me, every day and their stories will inspire people to be the best they can be.”

For more information or to receive your free copy of Inner Confidence magazine contact Clear Complexions Clinic by visiting

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