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Christina Zehavi, founder of Christina Cosmeceuticals hosted 2 launch events in Israel earlier this month.

MUSE - 2 Launch Christina Zehavi

The first event took place in the luxurious setting of Isrotel’s Royal Beach Hotel in Tel Aviv, a leading Israeli hotel chain and a new Christina local spa partner. Hosted by Christina and Tomer Zehavi, the event was attended by media, partners and local distributors.

first event
Christina talking with media at the first event

The highlight of this media event was an introduction to the new product Muse, done by the local distributors. Christina Muse is based on the new science of epigenetics. Epigenetics says that gene expression can be altered without altering the underlying DNA so that genetic factors such as diet, lifestyle, and stress can activate chemical switches that can alter the way our genes are expressed.

Epigenetics believes that regardless of our genetic makeup, we can positively affect ageing with the right tools such as good diet, lifestyle and appropriate skincare and treatments.

“We at Christina chose to focus on award-winning telomere technology – a scientific breakthrough in the fields of epigenetics and anti-ageing as the starting point for this exciting new treatment range,” said Matoyla Kollaras from Skin Factors Australia (distributors of Christina).

Muse 2nd Launch Christina treatment
Second event live demonstration

The second event held in Israel was hosted by Christina Zehavi herself. More than 400 local aestheticians attended to be educated in the science behind Muse. Christina took the audience through the product line and gave an in-depth lecture. A live treatment demonstration was also conducted.

The evening concluded with a performance by Israeli stand-up comedian Orna Banai who amused the audience with ‘cosmetic anecdotes’.

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