Pacific Islanders share beauty secrets in Sydney

Five beauty businesses from the Pacific islands will be showcasing their products at this month’s Beauty Expo Australia in Sydney.

Pacific Trade Invest Australia (a trade promotion agency representing 16 Pacific Island countries) has organised the visit of Nama of Fiji, MaxtoneHaus (PNG), Island Rose Dream (Tonga) and Natural Fiji to the expo.

Jeremy Grennell, general manager exports at PTI Australia, said that all four companies selected for the visit have strong brands and packaging – and “have proven themselves to be export ready”.

“The beauty expo is a great platform that will allow these Pacific businesses to raise their brand awareness to an international market,” he said.

“At an international expo you will be directly compared with international brands so it’s important that your product has a strong identity and packaging that stand strongly with international brands, the four Pacific enterprises we have selected do just that.”

“In addition a new feature at this year’s Beauty Expo is that visitors can distinguish between brands that focus on natural ingredients in their products and environmental consciousness which creates a real point of difference for the Pacific businesses we are showcasing.”

The four businesses are:

Nama of Fiji:
A premium skincare product range, Nama of Fiji is aiming to capture “the lucrative high-end of the international spa market. The company’s product range is based on Nama (or ‘Sea Grapes’), a type of seaweed sourced from the pristine oceans of the Yasawa Island chains in Fiji. The grapes are considered to be an “effective alternative to Hyaluronic Acid” and also contain vitamins A, B, C and K, beta carotene, protein, calcium and Omega 3 fatty acids

Maxtone Haus:

Made from 100 percent organic coconut oil, MaxtoneHaus Organic Soaps and moisturising oils are infused with natural tropical scents (vanilla, frangipini, lemongrass and citronella).

Natural Fiji:

Natural Fiji products are made with “traditional techniques and ingredients once used in the region to ensure the wellbeing of the body, mind and spirit”. The 100 percent coconut skincare range includes body soap bars, lotions, oils and butters.

Island Rose Dream:

Made from “the freshest coconuts and infused with traditional Tongan flowers”, Island Rose’s natural product range features six beauty oils (including a traditional Tongan Oil infused with Tevunga and Mohokoi) and three coconut sugar scrubs.

The four companies will however not be the only Pacific Island brands on display at the Sydney Expo.

Pure Fiji, which was launched into Australia by Professional Beauty Solutions earlier this year, will also be exhibiting.

Pure Fiji’s extensive collection of natural bath and body care products is based on exotic oils including virgin coconut, dilo, sikeci and macadamia nut.

According to the company, this “time-honoured blend has been used for centuries in the Pacific as a therapeutic remedy for moisturising, nourishing and protecting skin and hair”.

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