Ex-Import Niche Products managing director Otto Mitter

Twenty three years after launching in Queensland, Ex-Import Niche Products is taking its lash and brow expertise to the world.

Otto Mitter, the managing director of the family-owned business behind Elleebana and Belmacil, spent four months teaching classes, judging competitions and speaking at industry events in the US, Europe and the Middle East last year and doesn’t plan to slow down this year.

Mitter, who won Educator of the Year at Australia’s ABIA awards in 2017 and then Educator of the Year at Canada’s NALA awards in 2018, already has a wide variety of educational engagements “booked into 2020”.

Not surprisingly then, he confidently predicts that 2019 will be “one of the biggest years yet” in Ex-Import’s history.

“We are pushing harder than ever before to be innovative and influential and continue to lift the standards to new heights around the globe and importantly spread the word that Australian brands can stand out in the crowd and make difference,” he explains.

Mitter’s training schedule in the months ahead include two three-day symposiums (in London and California) for Elleebana trainers in Europe and the US as well as a presentation and henna brow workshop at the third annual Super Yacht Lash Conference in London.

“Our goals are ambitious but at the same time they are based on a simple philosophy to strive towards being a brand that is innovative with integrity and being supportive to our industry,” says Mitter.

“We are not all about success for our brand only, but also helping others to succeed in this industry.

“Over the last 12 months we have been key sponsors at over 30 different lash conferences and competitions and major beauty events around the world.

“Many of these events are put on by our competitors, but we get a real kick out of seeing up and coming lash and brow artists succeed in their careers.

“Yes, we are very fortunate that with all the hard work it started to pay off and we can now afford to invest back into our community, and we are more than happy to do so, as we really want the world to know that we give back to our industry.”

Despite his extensive travel and education schedule, Mitter still finds the time to focus on  product development – Ex-Import launched Elleebana Strong Hold Adhesive, Elleeplex (an “Advanced Aftercare formula” for lash lifting services) and the Elleebana Brow henna range in 2018 and plans to release “some ground breaking formulations and products” in the coming months.

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