Olivia Wells for DMK

Known as the sweet and humble beauty who defies beauty pageant stereotypes, Professional Beauty chats to Olivia Wells and DMK about their perfect partnership.

Olivia and Danne Montague-King

As a judge for Miss Universe Australia 2013, Danné Montague-King was already smitten by the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Olivia Wells well before her win. Olivia, with her passion for science and medicine, won the hearts of the judges and scooped the crown as this year’s Miss Universe Australia.

DMK, as a major sponsor of the pageant made their products available to all contestants. During the competition, Olivia was introduced to DMK as she trialed the products and instantly fell in love with them.

“We worked really hard to make sure every single one of the 30 finalists received DMK treatments and products in the lead up to the final. We even had the girls do video diaries and blogs to share their journey with their tailored DMK regimes,” said Ismay Radisich, copy and PR manager at DMK.

oliviawellsmissuniversewellsOlivia’s interest in science is naturally compatible with DMK as she is able to understand the products at a deeper level. It was no surprise that after winning, she scored the prestigious gig of being the face and ambassador of DMK.

“Being a medical student, I’m interested in how skincare products affect the biochemical and anatomical processes of the skin – it’s our largest organ after all! My DMK clinician Donna walked me through how each product works in relation to the lymphatic system for detoxification, secretion of oils and sebum, and how the product is absorbed and metabolised in the different skin layers,” said Olivia Wells.

“For DMK, it is crucial the ambassador believes in the DMK concept and methods,” said Ismay, “Olivia is a medical student and that’s why she immediately related to DMK.”

“Prior to using DMK she was very sceptical of skincare, but now her perspective’s changed. We are so proud to have an ambassador who represents healthy and intelligent Australian women.”

Excited to be a spokeswoman of her generation, Olivia loves that DMK helps people her age tackle acne issues with thorough education. “DMK’s approach to education and treatment according to the anatomy and function of the skin is important because understanding the issue helps to demystify the condition which in turn helps young people accept and manage their acne,” Olivia explained.

Olivia’s main goal in this ambassadorship is to help other young people realise that pimples and blemishes are not defining characteristics. She is eager to educate acne-sufferers on proper treatment and prevention because as an issue close to heart, she understands how detrimental acne can be for a young person’s confidence.

And what is she looking forward to the most?

“Having great skin 365 days a year – and being a realistic and relatable ambassador/role model for other teenagers because I’ve been through confidence issues myself – I’m only human!”

Olivia will be the face of DMK until the 2014 winner is crowned.

For more information visit www.dannemking.com

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