New Spa & Beauty Guide to Safety & Hygiene

The new edition of the Spa & Beauty Guide to Safety & Hygiene has just been released into the industry.


As a collaborative project between Pro-Visual Publishing and the Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia, this guide is an essential resource for salon owners and beauticians Australia-wide.

Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) is extremely important to our industry. Given the current litigious climate in the beauty industry, it is imperative that all salon owners, colleges and ancillary health services related to the beauty and wellness industry acquire key insurances such as personal liability and professional indemnity. All businesses should have protocols in place for any treatment when providing services to the public.

Treatments highlighted throughout this year’s Spa & Beauty Guide include waxing and general hygiene of staff and premises. Workplace harmonisation laws draw attention to the legislative guidelines for all businesses when undertaking or conducting safe work practices.

Client Consultation Forms are also mentioned as the cornerstone of any treatment provided within the salon.

Procedures that involve skin penetration – including waxing and tattoo removal – carry a greater risk of spreading disease. Beauty therapists are therefore encouraged to employ a risk management approach to their procedures. To ensure the safety of everyone involved, it is imperative that WHS and additional hygiene standards and procedures are implemented.

“I would like to thank all the sponsors of the Spa & Beauty Guide 2013/14. Their support has made it possible for the guide to be distributed free of charge,” said John Hutchings, CEO of Pro-Visual Publishing.

Sponsors include: Aspen, Candela, AWE, Melrose, Jessica, Ahava, Pure Fiji, Heritage Healers, Cutera, La Gaia, Solta Medical, JuJu, Murchison-Hume Sydney, Avention Global, Stone Eagle and Skin O2.

To obtain a copy of the new guide or if you have further inquiries, contact (02) 8272 2611 or visit

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