Natural Makeup Gets A Makeover

A natural makeup brand is paving the way for professional grade cosmetics that are sensitive to the needs of new age clients, writes Nadia Stennett.

We’ve all heard of SNAGS, or Sensitive New Age Guys, but what about Sensitive New Age Makeup? Veteran makeup artist Kylie Eustace realised there was a market for makeup that catered to highly sensitive skin and still delivered results in a professional setting when she became frustrated in her own search for products that wouldn’t cause her skin to flare up. Many years later after much perseverance and a lot of encouragement from her clients, Kylie’s Professional Mineral Goddess range was born.

Created without perfumes, parabens or animal derivitives, the natural makeup range was carefully designed to be wearable on even the most sensitive of skin, while still achieving vibrant colour and coverage, suitable for use by makeup artists at photo shoots and events. Years on, while the range has been a success with her clients and many salon retailers, Eustace says most makeup artists are still stand-offish when it comes to using natural makeup products for professional events.

“Many artists aren’t confident using natural products professionally, as most natural products are aimed at women for everyday use only.”

However the makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur was quick to prove her naysayers wrong at the Gold Coast Katz Models Ultimate Look competition, where the brand featured on the faces of runway model contestants. Eustace’s head makeup artist also supervised makeup artists for the day, showing them how to use her brand’s mineral products in a professional setting.

And with an increasing number of clients with new age concerns including makeup sensitivities and allergies and ethical concerns, Eustace is confident the demand for her niche makeup will continue to grow.

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