Vanessa Venter to Launch Exclusive Nail Art Manual

World renowned nail expert and Bio Sculpture head of international education, Vanessa Venter will be launching an exclusive new nail art manual.

Vanessa Venter is a world renowned nail expert and also Bio Sculpture's head of international education

Vanessa is one of the world’s top nail education experts and will be providing technicians and members of the industry invaluable insights into current international nail art trends.

Vanessa Venter will be in Australia for a rare visit from 7th August to 22nd August 2012 to launch Bio Sculpture’s new step-by-step nail art manual. She will also be holding a range of highly-anticipated seminars during her stay and making an appearance at the Sydney International Spa and Beauty Expo.

Bio Sculpture’s new nail art manual will provide technicians a step-by-step guide to help them incorporate the latest designs and trends in services offered to clients.

Entry to the event is $20 per person which includes the new nail art manual, nail art pack, food and drinks. She will be in Sydney from 13th to 14th August and she will be in Brisbane from 16th to 17th August. Vanessa will also be in Melbourne from 20th to 21st August.

To reserve a spot and for more information on Bio Sculpture call 1300 246 435 or visit

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