Top 10 Nail Styles Your Clients Will Be Asking for Most This Season, According to Web and Social Searches

The latest trend research conducted by beauty and wellness marketplace, Fresha reveals the most searched-for 10 nail styles of the season.

The shortlist of 10 nail styles were determined based on video and view counts for common manicure trends on TikTok, the number of hashtags on Instagram, and average monthly Google searches. Findings were based on searches out of the US.

According to web and social searches, these are the 10 nail styles most searched-for this season:

10. 3D nails 

With nail art gaining further traction year-on-year, it’s no surprise 3D nails made the shortlist of most searched-for nail trends. 3D nails have amassed 835,654 combined views and posts across Instagram and TikTok.

9. Pastel nails 

Soft, pastel nails make for a muted take on bold nail shades each season. The trend has accrued 955,785 combined views and posts, and 13,051 average monthly searches (according to Google).

8. BIAB nails 

Builder In A Bottle, or BIAB nails are becoming a regular offering in Australian nail salons. The trend has accrued 1,578,756 combined views and posts.

Professional Beauty wrote all about the emerging BIAB nail trend in 2023. Read it here.

7. Green nails 

Clients are making an unexpected lean into green this season. Green nails have accrued 1,736,528 combined views and posts, and an average monthly search volume of 67,233.

6. Chrome nails 

Moving away from the classics and into more artistic trends, chrome nails have accrued a total of 2,750,114 views and posts. The high-shine look also has an average monthly volume of 118,509.

5. Square nails 

The sophisticated appearance of short nails has led to social media views and posts upwards of 3,118,309. The average monthly search volume sits at 44,499.

4. Almond nails 

Almond nails have proven to be a firm favourite amongst social media influencers and the public alike. The trend has accrued 4,182,041 combined views and posts, and an average monthly search volume of 134,553.

3. Short nails 

Short nails are proving to be a popular request in-salon in 2024. The trend, regarded for its minimalist and functional feel, has reached 6,338,707 views and posts, and an average monthly search volume of 129,387.

2. French manicure 

A timeless trend, the French manicure remains popular amongst clients. Receiving 9,406,341 combined views and posts, and an average monthly search volume of 205,703, the French mani remains particularly popular in the US.

1. Long nails

Despite the growing popularity of short nail styles, long nails remain the top most searched-for look amongst clients. The trend has accrued a total of 11,287,446 combined views and posts across TikTok and Instagram.

“The research not only unveils the hottest nail trends for the summer of 2024 but also offers fascinating insights into the ever-changing beauty industry,” a Fresha spokesperson shared in a press statement. “It’s clear that nail art isn’t just a trend—it’s a vibrant form of self-expression that continues to push boundaries and inspire creativity.”

“From classic French manicures to daring 3D nail art, the nail industry is a testament to the endless possibilities for personal style. We hope to empower all to explore new trends and express themselves through their manicures!”

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