Nailing Professionalism

In today’s world, the remarkable popularity of nail art and beauty opens the door wide open for us to come together as one force – to recruit the best and brightest staff as nail professionals!

Nails are popular – as evidenced by their status as one of the top five searched topics on Instagram and Pinterest. There are 40,000 nail bloggers and thousands of DIY enthusiasts who love nails and regularly post their nail looks on social media. The question is, how can we elevate this passion for nails into a rich and rewarding career?

Taking the leap into nail beauty as a career means turning a love of the art form into so much more. Great nail professionals have the opportunity to find their fame and fortune doing what they love. Being a professional means connecting through our work to forge lifetime relationships, offering stress relief and support, beautifying and often transforming mediocre nails into works of art and, ultimately, teaching and inspiring others. Creating a successful dream career means realising your own personal dreams and most importantly, changing lives.

So let’s take a look at what true professionalism means today.

First and foremost, as professionals, we are the guardians of the natural nail – with absolute dedication to the nail’s health and safety. This means caring for it by coating and decorating without harm or destruction. At any cost, our attention to the ongoing good health of our clients’ hands and feet is our number-one responsibility. The fact is, nail products do not harm the natural nail plate, but people can. Misusing files, nippers, pushers or any tool can reduce the nail’s strength, and also make the foundation for any coating less successful. Just as building a house on a weak foundation creates a weak structure, the same is true with nails. The stronger the natural nail, the longer any coating will last, no matter the medium.

Custom servicing clients’ individual needs is another of our professional obligations.  Today, there are levels of protection and technologies to achieve real customised service. For example, there are clients who have gorgeous nails and may only need a light coating of traditional polish to give them glorious-looking nails. There are those more prone to breakdowns that need something more protective, like long-wear nail polish. A great long-wear polish adheres better and lasts longer, even getting tougher with exposure to sunlight! These clients are willing to pay a little more for effective nail protection and colour wear. Then there are those who require the ultimate protection of an enhancement coating. Their needs vary from unshapely to very thin nails, as well as nails exposed to extreme rigors and impact.  And the solution ranges from a resilient soft gel to a tough hard gel all the way to a strong and transformative liquid and powder service.

Professionals today have a toolbox of excellent products with which to customise every service and find that ‘wow factor’ for every client. It is a true professional that finds the right service, maintenance schedule and investment plan to suit their needs in every way.

With ongoing professional education, we are even able to be a set of eyes and ears for our clients’ overall wellbeing. Not just beautifying, but also noticing changes in nail coloration, skin spots or abnormalities that should be checked by a doctor – even helping to reduce a client’s stress through the power of touch. These are important areas of influence that help customers and can enhance lives.

One of the best things a professional can do for their client is to be proactive. Have recommendations ready to enhance the fun that nail services can offer! For some, choosing a colour or service from one week to the next can be daunting. A great professional will be one step ahead with creative ideas and solutions.

We can all take pride in providing nail services that go well beyond nail art, beauty and health. Choosing a career as a nail professional is a truly beautiful thing!  It can put a smile on a client’s face, enrich our personal lives and provide a positive influence out in the world.

What more could we ask from a professional career?

Jan Arnold is the co-founder of CND. Contact


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