China Glaze launches Rainbow of Hope Collection

China Glaze’s new Rainbow of Hope nail lacquer collection features 20 shades, specifically selected to represent ‘hope’ for the different forms of cancer.

The Rainbow of Hope collection was created by Dennise Mason, Nail Category Manager at American International Industries and her daughter in law, Samantha, who contributed the name. This collaboration is a tribute to Samantha’s young son, Seth who is seriously ill with brain cancer and to all those suffering from cancer.

Proceeds from the sale of the China Glaze Rainbow of Hope display stands will go to cancer research and treatment organisations conducting breakthrough clinical trials. China Glaze is donating 18% of the sale of these display stands to hospitals, clinics, and foundations.

The China Glaze Rainbow of Hope collection goes on sale in Australia from 1 August 2010 and will remain on sale until all stocks are exhausted.

The collection features shades representing the hope of a cure for each of the nominated cancers, which include: Pink – breast cancer, black – melanoma, grey – brain cancer, emerald – liver cancer, teal – ovarian cancer, yellow – bladder and bone cancer, peach – uterine cancer, orange – leukemia and pearl – lung cancer.

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