14 Nail Art Designs That Will BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

This is seriously next level stuff…

When the models hit the catwalk at last week’s New York Fashion Week shows, no one was looking at their clothes.

Thanks to some seriously daring nail artists at CND, all eyes were fixed firmly on the mind-blowing nail art designs dripping from their digits. Check out these 14 seriously inspired looks…

1. Goldfinger

2. Ice queen

3. Eye spy

 4. Fairies in the woods

5. Chained

 6. Behind the veil

7. Pinstripe pop

 8. Blondes have more fun

 9. Bright on

10. (Film) strip tease

11. Shanghai nights

12. Tough as nails

13. Diamond dazzled

14. Straight lines


Have your say: What’s your fave look from the CND show?


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