Murad set to ‘transform the face of Australia’

Just six months after launching at Sydney’s Beauty Expo, Murad is planning “to transform the face of Australia” with “new-to-market innovation and technologies”.

Murad’s Asia Pacific global educator, David Whyte, says Australia had always been a key expansion focus for the 40-year-old brand which has evolved from “a top Doctor brand in the US” to an international player in 44 countries.

The company has therefore launched an office, Murad Australia, in Sydney (rather than appoint a distributor) as the country requires “a direct Murad presence as it is the best way to showcase the brand’s unique clinical expertise”.

“Throughout 2016-17, the brand team in LA have been focussed on cementing Murad’s clear point of difference and how we communicate this to consumers and salons,” explains David.

“The outcome of this work is ‘Connected Beauty’, Murad’s approach to beauty that insists ‘skincare is healthcare’ and builds on Dr Murad’s 40 years’ research into cellular hydration and, more recently, cultural stress.

“Our findings show that by approaching skincare with a whole body approach and backing it up with tangible tools, we deliver improved skincare results for consumers and improved business results to salons.

“2017 was therefore the ideal time to launch into Australia.”

David says Australian salons and consumers’ response to the brand’s local  launch has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Our salon partners are not only enjoying the results their clients see (without peeling, pain or down-time) but are especially happy that a brand delivers what it promises,” he says.

“Murad has a 360 degree approach to both its clients and to skincare.

“We deliver a true end-to-end treatment that provides home care recommendations, a food recipe to help address their skincare needs from the inside-out and an affirmation card to help with their overall wellbeing.”

Whyte is now planning to continue to build the brand’s profile among salon and spa owners – and consumers.

He is confident that 2018 will be a big year for the brand in Australia.

Apart from “new-to-market innovation and technologies”, the company is recruiting an Asia Pacific sales director and is “upping its game” in consumer awareness with an increasing social media presence – and salon and spa expansion across the country.

“With the above in the pipeline, the future looks very healthy for Murad Australia,” he says.

“We look forward to sharing how our new products will transform in 2018.”

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