MitoQ redefines anti-ageing market

MitoQ, the company that discovered MitoQ, a third-generation CoQ10 which targets mitochondria, has now launched a skincare range “hundreds of times more powerful than other CoQ10 products”.

Speaking at the brand’s Sydney launch, MitoQ Greg Macpherson and global beauty vice president Catherine O’Keefe said the skincare range, which was manufactured in Australia, would take the beauty industry in a totally new direction.

“Although the skincare market is already crowded with products containing ingredients that work to a degree, MitoQ is totally different as it unlocks the key to reversing ageing without any aggressive side-effects,” said Catherine.

“It regenerates the skin from inside out rather than with a peel from the top down approach.”

Targeted at salons and medi-spas, the MitoQ range consists of just five skincare products and a supplement MitoQ Cellular Radiance Protecting Serum, MitoQ Crystal Brightening & Skin Correcting Serum, MitoQ Active Protection Daily Defense Cream, MitoQ Skin Boosting Active Night Cream, MitoQ Eye Renew and MitoQ Skin Support Complex tablets.

The range promises to “brighten skin, promote a more even complexion, smooth skin, reduce the look of fine links and wrinkles, reduce the visible signs of stress, and lift and contour the eye area.

Catherine said the products would provide “instant visible results’ but it would take six to eight weeks for cellular changes to become visible.

Discovered by scientists at New Zealand’s University of Otago in 2000,  MitoQ (mitoquinol mesylate) works by attaching a positive charge to the antioxidant part of Coenzyme Q10 (the mitochondria’s own natural antioxidant).

“MitoQ literally floods the negatively-charged mitochondria, restoring antioxidant capacity to youthful levels,” she said.

“This results in mitochondria that deliver youthful improved levels of energy to cells, and reduces free radical damage to cell contents, which in essence, decelerates the aging process.”

MitoQ global beauty vice president Catherine O’Keefe

In addition to being a mitochondria-targeted antioxidant, MitoQ is also a recycling antioxidant that consumes free radicals but is not deactivated in the process as well as a selective antioxidant that only targets the ‘bad’ free radicals.

Greg further explained that until the discovery of MitoQ, no-one had been able to restore the mitochondrial antioxidant defence system “in a meaningful way” as the mitochondrial membrane is impermeable to most substances.

He said the antioxidant’s benefits have already been recognised for a wide variety of health concerns 

“To date, more than $US50 million has been spent on research, and over 180 scientific papers have been published, investigating MitoQ’s effect in over 70 disease models. 

“MitoQ has also recently been selected for a world-leading independent research program run by the USA National Institute on Aging, to evaluate its effect on slowing and potentially reversing the aging process.” 

Catherine concluded that the company was so confident in the effectiveness of the products that it offered customers a 100 percent money-back guarantee.  

“There really is nothing quite like it on the market,” she said.


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