'Ariadne' by Beth Mitchell (cropped)

Kylie Eustace, the founder of Kylie’s Professional Mineral Goddess makeup, has once again proven that her range is 100 percent waterproof in a series of spectacular underwater photographs.

Kylie, who launched the Mineral Goddess makeup collection in 2006, recently created the hair and makeup looks for the models in the ‘Dome’ artworks by Brisbane-based photographer Beth Mitchell.

Kylie says it took her around two hours to do each model’s hair and makeup for the shoot which required the models to be “in the water for hours”.

“For the makeup and hair I applied full underwater makeup to suit the season/theme of each particular scene,” she says.

“Makeup varied from washes of colour across the eyelids to bold lips or cheeks. With makeup, a key feature was focussed on with a fair pastel skin tone.  The eyes were all kept quite soft to suit the era.”

To ensure the makeup was waterproof, Kylie layered her Mineral Goddess products “over a special natural base”.

‘Rennaisance’ by Beth Mitchell (cropped)

“I press, pat and blend my dense minerals into the base, [and then] these bond together and repel water. I also mix my base and shadows together on the spot, apply, press in more product then blend as well as set what I have done with minerals.

“The application is a layering process that does not budge. The products are already naturally water resistant but the application technique is key to long lasting results.

“You definitely do not want to be touching up the makeup between breaths, nor can you worry about makeup running into the water so a perfect application is essential.”

The Dome is the seventh underwater photographic series that Kylie has worked on with Beth – the women collaborated on the Arafura and Loveland series in 2016, No Love Lost in 2015 and Imaginarium in 2014.

“I have worked with Beth numerous times,” she says. “I also work with musicians, fashion designers as well as other makeup artists.

“I also take time out when I can to create my own artwork – as an artist I love and appreciate many forms of art.”

Now on display at Brisbane’s Lethbridge Gallery, The Dome series consists of six artworks which are available in limited editions of nine.

To view the full collection of Beth Mitchell underwater artworks that Kylie has helped create visit www.kylieeustace.com.au/p849085367#h314c626b or www.bethmitchellphoto.com/underwater

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