Mesoestetic rolls out depigmentation centres

To meet the growing demand for depigmentation services around Australia, Mesoesthetic recently held its second depigmentation course’.

The one-day course, run by Mesoestetic international trainer Cristina Casaldáliga, provided “advanced training on all depigmentation products and treatments” including microneedling and the brand’s Cosmelan treatment .

According to Catherine Biedermann, the managing director of Advanced Cosmeceuticals (the local distributor of Mesoestetic), the course provided participants “with a cutting edge advantage in this hard-to-treat skin concern” and enabled their salons to be marketed as certified ‘Mesoestetic Specialised Depigmentation Centres’.

She says pigmentation, which has many causes including genetic predisposition, inflammation (sun, acne, hormones), photosensitising medications, photosensitising products and skin ageing, is “a growing, global issue which affects more than 90 percent of adults over the age of 50”.

“Today pigmentation is generally perceived to be the third most important skin problem (after wrinkles and sagging) and depigmentation treatments represent over 20 percent of the total cosmetic market,” she says.

“Skin hyperpigmentation is one of the most common reasons for visiting a cosmetic dermatologist as it is such a stubborn skin condition to treat which is why Mesoestetic has spent the last 20 years cultivating Cosmelan [a one-off in-salon skin brightening mask combined with followup homecare products].

“It [Cosmelan] remains the worldwide benchmark treatment for pigmentation with an effectiveness rate of 95 percent in 99 percent of cases.”

Catherine says Mesoestetic decided to run the depigmentation courses and offer its salon stockists the opportunity to qualify as ‘Specialised Depigmentation Centres’ as it prides itself on being a global expert in depigmentation.

Mesoestetic’s Cristina Casaldáliga performs a mesopeel treatment

“Mesoestetic’s position as the leader in depigmentation is maintained by an international presence and credibility which is verified by Cosmelan’s proven results.

“Empirical evidence proves its high degree of efficiency with more than 100 cases evaluated under strict medical control guaranteeing its short, medium and long-term efficacy.

“In addition 1000s of professionals around the world who choose to treat pigmentation with the Cosmelan method report ‘immense customer satisfaction’.”

Catherine is unaware of any other skincare brand posititioning itself as a depigmentation expert but is unphased even if there is as “it is safe to say that Cosmelan by Mesoestetic sets the gold standard in pigmentation treatment”.



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