Melissa Sassine talks bridal beauty trends

One of Australia’s most successful bridal makeup artists, Melissa Sassine will be hosting an exclusive Bridal bootcamp for just 20 makeup artists at Beauty Expo Melbourne on Sunday, 26 March. Here she shares her insights into her trend predictions for 2017, what it’s like to be a successful bridal makeup artist, and the importance of social media for growing your profile in the competitive beauty industry.


What do you foresee as being the top trends in bridal makeup this year?

This year’s top bridal makeup trends consist of softer eye shadows such as light golds or pinks blended with softer shades of brown, framed with chocolate brown shadow liner and finished off using fluffy lashes. With a flawless contoured base, add lots of glow on the cheek bones and soft shades of peachy pinks on the apples of the cheeks. Complete the look with creamy lipsticks; my faves are peachy nudes or soft pinks.

What can makeup artists expect to take away from your Bridal bootcamp at Beauty Expo Melbourne?
It’s going to be quite intense – they will learn about colour theory, about the administrative side [of being a bridal makeup artist]; how to communicate with their brides in terms of translating the trends that they want – even though something is trending, it doesn’t necessarily mean they need to use that trend on every bride; how to achieve dewy-looking skin without it falling off by the end of the night; the sustainability of how a bottle of makeup is applied to last long hours.

What do you think is the most challenging aspect of being a makeup artist?

When your client wants their makeup to look like an editorial picture – communicating to them that we can use the colours in the picture they have, but they may not have the same flawless skin as what’s depicted in a magazine (which is likely highly edited). Trying to translate an image onto the client and managing their expectations of how it will look.

How important do you think social media is as a means of growing your business as a makeup artist?

Very important. If you don’t exist in the social media world… if you don’t have a profile, the way the world sees it is that you’re not trending. It’s important to continue inspiring others to see that you’re on-trend, your versatility…

It’s a gallery of your work that cuts out a lot of consultation questions – I’ll have people book me now and not even ask any questions, I’ll just rock up on the day and ask what they want and they’ll say whatever you think, because they’ve seen enough online. So when you don’t have a gallery online, it’s harder to do business and your consultation time is doubled, because clients haven’t seen you work and they don’t know what they’re going to get.

Do you have any tips that makeup artists can use to stick out from the competition?

To be only positive in their online presence. If they want to get noticed, they need to follow the accounts that they’re inspired by and regularly leave positive comments. That’s how they’ll get noticed and that’s how I notice my followers – it’s not one comment or one like, it’s continuous.

As a renowned makeup artist, to what do you attribute your success?

Really care about each and every person that’s in front of you and listen to what they want. How I built my success was through not only loving what I do but making sure that my clients feel good when they walk out.

Limited tickets remain for Melissa’s Bridal Bootcamp at Beauty Expo Melbourne, a full-day session (10:00am – 5:00pm) on Sunday 26 March 2017 at the MCEC, Melbourne. The event is only available to makeup artists who have an established business (or equivalent) or completed a makeup course prior to enrolling. For more details and to purchase tickets, head to the Beauty Expo Melbourne website.



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