The six beauty business apps that you need now

While every small beauty business owner is nothing short of superhuman, you’ve got to admit a bit of help every now and then is more than appreciated. The digital evolution has definitely delivered on this aspect, with a host of high-tech apps allowing professionals to focus on their true skills and passion, rather than being buried by the business side of the spectrum. Whether you’re having issues with marketing, payments, client management, or keeping up with the trends, these apps have got your back (and your salon).


Trends, expert tips, product reviews, galleries – Beautylish is a must for anyone who needs a hit of beauty inspiration. Take your pick of thousands of nail designs, makeup how-tos and video tutorials. There’s also a section dedicated solely to product reviews, with hundreds of users sharing their experiences and advice. The app also gives you access to daily articles and a community of makeup and beauty experts you can interact with via the online forum. Discover the app here. 


This multi-tasking app is likely to become any time-poor salon owner’s best friend thanks to its numerous capabilities. The app promises a suite of tools to help manage your business, such as an appointment manager, express payment technology, automated text and email reminders and customisable email marketing. Not only that, but it also provides detailed sales reporting, client data, booking growth statistics and the chance to connect with the 12 million clients that use it to find and book beauty appointments nearby.
Discover the app here.


Insight (Software phone app) 

This management app sells itself as a custom-built piece of software that provides salon owners with a dedicated, one-on-one service for building their business. A virtual assistant, a bookkeeper, a marketing guru and a business coach, Insight is an excellent way to equip you with the tools needed to succeed. Features include online booking, gift card selling and tracking, payment technology, sales tracking, BI reports and local support.
Discover the app here. 

Salon Iris
Specially designed for nail salons, makeup artists, beauty centres and tanning salons, Salon Iris promises fast and easy scheduling, new clients and a tried and tested loyalty program implementation. The program is particularly focused on creating less paperwork, compiling everything employees do, sell and earn into a complete business management system. The payroll feature makes math easy, while its point of sale technology can scan items, check out with integrated credit and email a receipt when done. Not only that, but every sale transaction is tracked and tied to each client’s purchase history for quick rebooking.
Discover the app here. 

OPI Nail Studio

Free to download and compatible with all Apple technology, OPI’s user-friendly Nail Studio lets you pick and choose which shade to order in next without setting foot outside your salon. The app has every shade imaginable in its archives and allows you to see the contrast between different colours and skin tones thanks to its virtual technology.
Discover the app here. 

Salon Objectives
This near-free client management app has been specially developed for the independent beauty professional, allowing you to manage your appointments and clients faster and easier than ever before. Timeline views, free SMS and email reminders to clients, advanced reporting and a comprehensive calendar all enable you to organise, streamline and utilise your time and business. Despite this, its standout attribute is snapshots. Every visit allows you to add an after image so that you and your client can see the visible difference your treatments have created.
Discover the app here.



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