Mii Cosmetics arrive in Oz

Mii Cosmetics, the London-based makeup brand used by used by “over 1500 makeup professionals, spas and salons throughout the UK as well as thousands more in 21 other countries”, has landed in Australia.

Mary-Tabitha Wilkin, the owner of Kindred Beauty, decided to launch brand locally after working for its creators, Gerrard International (who have distributed Jessica Natural Nail Care for 25 years), in London where she helped it into the UK launch.

“Gerrard International wanted a makeup range that they could confidently offer their spas and salons,” she says.

“After years of searching the world for the perfect fit, they decided to create their own, Mii Cosmetics, and I was part of the team from the launch in 2011.

“I then became brand manager and was involved in all aspects of Mii’s growth from new product development to brand communication.”

In her role as brand manager Wilkin also saw “first-hand the positive impact” that Mii had on UK salons with its “advanced skin loving formulas” that offer “lucrative opportunities for services and retail”.

“I am beyond passionate about Mii and our industry as a whole, so when my husband and I were relocating from London to Sydney and Mii was looking for a new distributor, it was perfect timing.”

Wilkin believes Mii will do well in Australia as the brand’s core philosophy is to instill confidence in women through celebrating their unique beauty “which aligns with the Australian attitude”.

“The response to the brand so far has been overwhelmingly positive,” she said.

“Mii brings the excitement of London’s department store beauty halls to the trusted environment of the salon, helping women to make unpressured, informed beauty decisions while ensuring every product choice is the right one.”

She says the brand is ideal for almost all salons as the range can be adapted to suit individual space and stock requirements.

“Salons have the flexibility to take all of Mii, or the specialist lines that work for them.

“For example, the core range allows salons to offer complete makeup services such as workshops and bridal, while our 100 percent pure mineral line is ideal for skin clinics and the Brow by Mii eyebrow styling collection is perfect for those with a focus on lashes and eyebrows.”

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