Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia kicks off!

The Professional Beauty team has set up camp at The Carriage Works at Eveleigh in Sydney for a week of backstage madness at MBFWA. Makeup, nails and skincare will all be covered so keep coming back here for up-to-the-minute updates. First on the schedule: Matecevski. 


At Matecevski is was beautiful and just a bit off-beat.
At Matecevski is was beautiful and just a bit off-beat. Image: JuliaGronowski/BeautyDirectory


The week kicked off with the Matecevski show on Sunday afternoon. The look, created by Nigel Stanislaus used Maybelline New York to create his “very customised look”.

“She needs to be beautiful, ” says Stanislaus. “The skin is optimum – so we’re spending time perfecting the skin. We’ve got the Dream Velvet Foundation on – it’s light, it’s fresh and you can see it on the runway. It’s beautiful, almost translucent. We just apply it on and let skin look like skin.”

Models’ faces where given “a beautiful hue” with Maybelline’s Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette. “We use a loose brush to swipe the eyeshadow along the lash line,” says Stanislaus. “We’re not giving any definition.”

Stanislaus then blended eyeshadow down the cheek bones “to deliver a two dimensional beauty look.”


At Matecevski lashes were "chaotic".
At Matecevski lashes were “chaotic”. Image: JuliaGronowski/BeautyDirectory


There was more multitasking going on with Baby Lips being used on both the lips and to brush up the brows – this had the effect of “spiking them up so they have the same consistency as the eyelashes – so the whole look gels in,” says Stanislaus.

Lashes, meanwhile, were “chaotic”.

“Toni loves to challenge you – give you something really beautiful but that’s a bit obscure,” says Stanislaus. “We’re bringing character to the face through the eyes – we’re bringing drama to the eyes.”

Nails were set a new trend: contouring. Created by Chelsea Bagan for Kester Black nails were tonal and designed to elongate. “We’re looking at contouring the nails, so we’re using two tones of colours to elongate the shape of the nail by cutting into the sides with the nude,” says Bagan. “We’re using Buttercream and Periwinkle.”


Models' skin was cleansed to perfection with Clarisonic's new device.
Models’ skin was cleansed to perfection with Clarisonic’s new device. Image: JuliaGronowski/BeautyDirectory


Designer, Toni Matecevski places importance on the skin so it was no wonder it was a feature backstage. Maria Avis created the buffed-to-perfection skin with Clarisonic.

“Maticevski has the saying ‘get dressed in beautiful skin’,” says Avis. “Today we’re using Smart Profile on the models – which is our latest innovation. It has four speeds, but we were using it on speed two today, which is the universal speed.”

A fan of the take-home device, Matecevski asked the brand to be involved in the show. He even created a limited-edition sketch especially for the show, which has been incorporated into a sleeve for 200 Mia devices for VIP guests.



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