This 80-year-old is Glam-Ma-rous!

Hold on to your makeup kits ladies… because an 80-year-old grandma is about to show you up!


Take a look at this glowing makeup look.


Grandma Livia Mulac or as she has been justifiably nicknamed GLAM-MA has taken the internet by storm after a makeup tutorial of her was re-posted by Huda Kattan’s Instagram.

The videos feature heavy contouring, lush eyelashes and a touch of shimmer applied by granddaughter and makeup artist Tea Flego. Leaving Glam-ma looking like an absolute superstar! (Even putting some of us to shame…)

Her celebrity status has gone beyond the confines of her nursing home in Croatia and has shot to a global scale, even appearing on Good Morning America.

In an industry where women are represented mostly by the youthful, it’s no wonder Glam-ma Mulac has become so popular.

There is a whole section of society out there that isn’t being represented and here she is making a positive change. She is the epitome of what the beauty industry prides themselves on – that is, that beauty has no limits!

Age clearly isn’t a factor for Mulac, and so it shouldn’t be, stating that blurring wrinkles is her favourite part… as well as those amazing fuller brows.


Mulac is flattered by all the attention she is receiving and has some advice for us all…
“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones”. (Wise words Glam-Ma)

Glam-ma is defying the social stigma that women don’t need to keep taking care of themselves after a certain age. Age is merely just a number and just because you hit a big birthday, doesn’t mean you have to throw away that lippy!


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